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Ideal PC for trading

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Ideal PC for trading

Hello everyone, I just made it to gold 1 and I'm thinking about buying a new laptop since my HP is dying.

Can anyone with this type of knowledge recommend a good PC for trading? I had a lot of trouble with the HP having to open and close Alveo several times, it was too slow, etcetera... I would really appreciate it!

Tue, 08/09/2016 - 2:38pm

I bought mine from eztradingcomputers.

32 GB RAM.jpg

I have a new dell laptop and was fine with 8GB of memory. I put 16 in it and no issues. I have many charts saved in my default workspace and have not issues. The main thing I need is an external monitor to blow up the charts.


HP is the worst for trading. Someone recommended Toshiba Satellite Pro R50 PS566A-00400. This is a business computer which is suppose to be better for trading than a regular laptop. Suppose to be faster. I am still using my old Toshiba but plan to invest in a new one the first of the year and will probably get this one.


I use a Lenovo it's was set up for gaming, supposed to be fast enough, haven't had any real issues, of course not sure if Alveo issues are Alveo or not. No problems anywhere else when I check out other platforms though so who really knows.


I'm Partial to Dell... :-)

Just say'in


I use Asus from eztradingcomputers. It's been very reliable.


Sstan, Asus was another computer recommended to me.


Sstan, How do you find the Asus compares to a regular PC?