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Indicator windows merging together

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Indicator windows merging together

Hello All,

Just curious if anyone else has seen this behaviour with Alveo and indicator windows.

Steps to replicate:

1) add MACD indicator

2) add second indicator window (ex. ATR, PriceCycle, ...)

3) change the timeframe and notice the two indicator windows become one with both indicators using the same scale (see attached).

Could be useful for some but not sure if this is intended functionality.

Best regards.

Indicator window.png43.59 KB
Tue, 12/29/2015 - 2:58pm

I also experienced same merging of two indicators -

RSI and


I would also like to know, if this is the way the Alveo platform works or is there some problem or mistake in adding indicators.

Would welcome any clarification on this aspect from our instructors or expert traders.


I have experienced the same thing.


yes i have had this happen


yes i have had this happen


So I'm not going insane :-P. Thanks for your comments.


this behaviour is changing from time to time; not far back in time, it was working like it should (separate windows for each indicator).
And a while even farther back in time, it was like it is these days.
This is a programming issue to be resolved (again).

For sure, the structure of the progrm is not a simple one.
In consequence, it happens that on introducing a new feature the behaviour of existing ones is changed (one step forward, another one back) - inadvertantly, I say.
So, it will be fixed, I'm sure.