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Indicators not updating with each new candle

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Indicators not updating with each new candle

Updated to 1.5.1 and it looks like some indicators are not updating as new candles form on the charts. Anyone else see this? I mostly just use bands and pivots but it looks like some other indicators may also not be updating.

Bands not updating.PNG50.81 KB
Mon, 10/03/2016 - 8:49am

That is a problem, make sure you call support or post it in the development section so Colton is aware of the bug.


I called this problem in last Thursday. One of the developers was walking by during my call, so they are aware of the issue.

I had to uninstall the beta and install the latest release version.


I opened a ticket with the support team then I uninstalled version 1.5.1 and reinstalled version 1.4.22.

Note that if you check for updates for version 1.4.22 you will get version 1.5.1 even though the software page still lists that version as beta. Use caution if you are trading a live account.


On a side note : when you see that your chart isn't updating you can get it to catch up by clicking on the timeframe dropdown button and re-selecting your timeframe. I also notified support of the issue


This is a great piece of information, thanks guys.


When I updated to the new version, I had problems. I called the support line, and they helped me deleted a file that was causing the problem. Now, everything is working out great.


You are correct; after the maintenance test ran - nothing is working correctly. My candles are not advancing, for some odd reasons, my candles are reversing.


On the same topic, be careful if you refresh the data by selecting right-click -> Refresh on the chart. I have had pending orders removed and live orders TS and SL set to blank and removed.


George G

Just got new system an had lots of probs; however, after resolving most nothing was updating on new candle. Found that by reloading template it would update just once. Would love to know what file to delete to get it to work properly