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Instruction manual for Alveo

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Instruction manual for Alveo

Is there an instruction manual for the Alveo platform? Does it interfere with other platforms such as MT4?

Wed, 12/14/2016 - 12:59am

Yes I do like to have an instruction manual for the Alveo platform.If you fine one Please pass one to me THANKS

Val T

You can run MT4 and Alveo at same time no problem as long as you have enough RAM etc to handle both.

As far as an instruction manual there is no written one that I know of. There is however videos on the download page that shows how to set up charts and how to use other things. Here is the link

Scroll down on the page, there are several videos. They are for 1.4 but very much same as 1.5. Improvements in 1.5 are that the charts hold the indicators etc on each chart now but pretty much the same.


I usually can find answers to these questions by doing a google search. haha, I'm doing one now to answer that exact question.

Mike Smith

"Does it interfere with other platforms such as MT4?" What do you mean does it interfere? To my knowledge the only platform it is known to interfere with is itself. To that end it manages quite well. :D