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An Interesting Week for EURUSD

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An Interesting Week for EURUSD

Trading should be interesting for EURUSD next week.  It has been in a down trending channel for about a week and there are a lot of news reports coming up. 

It looks like it should be fun.


EURUSD H1 Chart.png506.65 KB
Sat, 04/28/2018 - 10:32am

I’m not at the gold level yet so, with all due respect and if I may share my analysis,…
If the pass is any indication of the future, then we do know for a fact that nothing last forever.
The price action is at the 50% Fibonacci retracement level on the weekly uptrend and testing/bouncing off of a newly formed support level based on the September 2017 former resistance. Coupled with Trump suggesting that a weaker USD would be a good thing for the US. My gut feeling is that we will see the present counter trend move continue to the upside next week. But like you said and I agree “it will be interesting to see what next week has in store”
Best of luck and profits to you.


I think, the Euro will go more down, but at the moment i`am on the buyers site. I will look what will happen in the level from 1,15
at first. Maybe i will go out the market. I will look for the candlestick formation in this price level.

Good luck


The below opinion of sentiment comes from opinion.

Week of Day Barchart Current Current Average Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot
4/28/2018 weighted Strength Direction Signal
Alpha 3 Day 3 Day 7-12 DAY Yesterday Last Week Last Month
(Overall Average)

EURUSD Saturday 8.32 Strong Strengthening Ssell 72% 72% Sell Hold 8% Sell


I found a COT chart on If I'm interpreting this correctly, it looks like, since the previous report last week, the EUR has weakened by 20K and the USD has strengthened by 10K.

It looks to me like the EUR/USD pair will probably go down some more.

COT - cftc.png
Mike Smith

Just a hunch, but what if I was to say BUY EURUSD S/L 1.1976 ? Although I did hear a Fundamentals report that eurusd is expected to bottom out lower. But using my customized alignment method, it's buy right now. My moves are only good for intraday. I will post later.


Could this be the start of the USD rally. I think it looks like it.

I too agree, this week and the week after will be interesting


How can we use this data?
As a general rule of thumb, when the dollar is heading up so are the USD base pairs and conversely the quote pairs are heading downward.
Previous Close 92.44
YTD High 92.64
YTD Low 88.25
14-Day Stochastic %K 95.81%
Weighted Alpha -4.40
5-Day Change +1.25 (+1.37%)

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 72% Buy with a Strengthening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.
Longer term, the trend strength is Maximum. Long term indicators mostly agree with the trend.
The market is in highly overbought territory. Beware of a trend reversal.

Overall Average:
72% BUY
Overall Average Signal calculated from all 13 indicators. Signal Strength is a long-term measurement of the historical strength of the Signal, while Signal Direction is a short-term (3-Day) measurement of the movement of the Signal.


The Rafff Regression indicator shows that price is still moving in the channel and price recently bounced off the bottom of the channel.

I think it's also interesting to note that it's been sticking to the bottom half of the Bollinger Bands.

I'm keeping an eye out for a breakout of the channel.

EURUSD 05-02-2018.jpg

Should be another great week.


good luck to all.


Trade war between USA and China is done as parties agreed not imply any tariffs towards each other.

US dollar has gain momentum against many major currencies even the trade war thread was still on.

Is there any reason why dollar should not continue to boost upwards?

EDIT: about 10 hours after market open EURUSD is down appr. half cent followed with substantial uplift USDJPY. I will hold part of my postition for longer period and the NEWS was fundamentally big. Let's see what will happen.


The continue news of an improved economy and the looming threat of higher interest rates will offset a lot of this and keep USD down more than it should.