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Internet connection issues

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Wyoming SuperPIP

Internet connection issues

Hello fellow Bees,

I just wanted to share that I was using Dish sattelite network due to living in a rural area and seems that I could never keep a good enough connection to the server. My connection was constantly interupted. I called dish several times about this issue to no resolve. I have since switched to the Exede sattelite service and am thoroughly impressed. I have been with them now about 2 weeks and have been interupted only 1 or 2 times. Connection to the server is vital when trying to scalp trades as we all know. I understand that Exede is going to be unlimited at the first of next year and their download speeds are going to be doubled. For all you folks out there that have satellite internet issues hope this can help you!!!


Wed, 05/18/2016 - 10:15am

My parents have Exede and whenever I visit I use it for my trading and it seems to work fine.


Good to know. That means we shouldn't have any problems trading while on a cruise. =)


Always use a hard wired connection and stay away from Wifi when trading if possible.


Hey Sokha! Don't that Gold III Medallion look pretty?!

Thanks for your help!

Let's Trade!


Congratulations olhickory2000!