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Internet connection to South Africa

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Internet connection to South Africa

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask for assistance.

rd ( posted here.

I am sure that the interested Bees who responded helped by pointing him in the right direction. 

The contention that his problem had to do with internet speed turned out to be a "red herring"

It had to do with a faulty wireless router.

My Alveo is inconsistently slow and sometimes freezes - a serious problem because it interferes with scalping management.

Support reckons the cause is a slow internet connection.

I am "out of Africa" and all my research points to Alveo server connection.

I know there are seriously smart Bees in the hive.

What if the problem has to do with Alveo servers not connecting directly to the local internet hosting node.

How do I go about checking this?


Fri, 10/14/2016 - 12:58pm

I don't scalp often because of this same problem. There are days when Alveo seems to be doing quite well and I will make a few scalps, but at least half of the time the internet, or Alveo is too slow making scalping too risky. I tend to blame Alveo because I can be trading my other demo account on my other computer at the same time and it works fine. So it could be the computer I have Alveo downloaded on too. I prefer intermediate trades but even on those, if the market is moving a delay of as little as 1 second can be several pips that you missed out on. However Alveo keeps improving and I have no doubt that it will one day be the best there is.


Dear Valerie

Thanks for your interest.

It is unreasonable to think that Support can solve this type of problem.

In Randy's case the suggestion that he should use to check the speed of his internet connection merely set him on road to finding a solution.

In my case (and yours) debunking the "internet speed cause" contention is simple.
I duplicated scalping trades on an FXCM account alongside AIveo.
FXCM worked fine when Alveo decided to freeze.
The dysfunction is unpredictable and intermittent so it may take a while.

Does "I tend to blame Alveo because I can be trading my other demo account on my other computer at the same time and it works fine" refer to you running two Alveo accounts but on two computers, concluding, therefore that the problem must be hardware.

If so it might also be a "red herring"

Try running a different broker platform on the same computer and scalp trade simultaneously.

Remember, the problem is intermittent.

Best regards


Regarding the freezing problem of Alveo...

I have never experienced freezing. I built my computer for another purpose, but speed and efficiency was a MUST. I have tons of RAM and an extremely fast processor. I recently upgraded my video card, too. That's still not great, but the one I had before was just a $20 placeholder.

Because some people experience severe performance issues, It appears that Alveo uses a LOT of system resources. I can open a practically limitless number of charts and indicators without performance degrading.

I noticed on the Apiary "VPS" page, they explain that the machines they have set up only handle "one or two charts max" with proper performance (and to contact support about higher-end machines).

The freezing of the software itself would not likely be due to Internet connection speed.


Dear John

Thank you for your contribution.

Like Randy I hope, via such-like help, to find a solution.
What I do know is that internet connection speed is not the cause.

Perhaps I should describe what happens:
I manually scalp trade.
Focused on a 1M scalp trade I wait for an indication to close out.
Price updating slows and bars stop forming.
When this happens the trade cannot be closed.

Price invisibility can and sometime does last longer than two minutes. I categorize this as freezing and re-boot Alveo via Task Manager

Re-boot takes a further 2 minutes.

Significantly and so far without exception, "slow-down/freezing" does not follow the re-load.
I must load a workspace when scalping (in anticipation of slow down/freeze). The operating workspace cannot be saved on forced shut-down of the platform.

The problem is that by then the price can be anywhere.