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Hello to all and any readers. I have been trading for a while now. Never do I drop below my initial investment. But it seems that I can't get beyond 20%. I've learned not to switch the strategy and the price that I execute a trade at. In other words I stay within my original parameters. Much like an airplane pilot always follows the landing pattern executing it within the same governing principles time and time again; never deviating. 

I'm use to using a Metatrader 4 platform but the Alveo seems very cumbersome. While I'm watching Price Action (PA) is when I determine entries into the trade. Typically I execute a trade, then I open its parameters and enter the s/l and t/p. In the Alveo all this data must be entered first. The process is laborious and by the time a ticket is entered the initial trade value is gone because the PA has moved. I have found it completely frustrating when I receive messages like, “Invalid s/l or t/p”, when they are straddling the trade in proper arrangement; according to the direction of the trade whether the entry is a long or short position. There are also other anomalies that don't make sense either. My point is certainly not to complain but to get some suggestions that will help me decipher the temperament of Alveo restrictions unlike how other easily manageable trading platforms proform.

But I wouldn't feel at ease with myself if I didn't mention how excited I am to be part of an opportunity that I feel confident about the education I‘ve already receiving here. I have been putting together things I have heard in webinars over a period of many years which has gotten me to a point that I can increase account values. It has taken a long time to achieve but my curve of increase never goes beyond 20% as mentioned before. 

I need to expand past my hindrances but I'm not encouraged by the platform. On the other hand I am encouraged by what Apiary brings to the table. Apiary's personality and the expertise that is attached to their educational forums out ways the frustrations that the Alveo initiates.

There is one other thing that I'm wondering. The occurrence of having to login on to the Alveo happens to me multiple times throughout the day. The feed will come to a halt, leaving the trade totally exposed without any (that means 0%) control.  I have to re-log back in on a continual basis (for instance on Jan.27/17 I logged back in upwards of 10 times). I cannot even leave regardless if my s/l parameters are entered. Sometimes I know that the trade is going against me and I want OUT. But already that is impossible because the Alveo has stopped and by the time I log back in the trade has closed. Now I am taking 5-6 pip s/l positions knowing that, to no avail, I cannot rely on the Alveo feed. This as well makes it easy to be stopped out ruining the consistence that merits the ability to function as a qualified trader for Apiary. Furthermore I sent Apiary a description of this and unfortunately, to no avail, itas well has never been answered. And since Apiary does not offer a Depth of Market feed that allows a true account of booked orders (volume of lots being traded at what price) as the market auction is occurring, it truly leaves me handcuffed when trying to manage a trade. If someone has the same occurrence and/or has encountered this and found a way to prohibit such activity, please direct me to a source to resolve this problem.

My wises for prosperity include all 

Good Provence

Michael Elias

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Sun, 01/29/2017 - 2:27pm

Hi- My name is Fay Fussell and after many frustrating months in Silver 111 I finally got to Gold 1. I was funded before getting to Gold 1 but I made up my mmind to finish Silver 111.since being stuck at the average wins>average loss was the hardest thing for me. But with patience and curbing my emotional outbreaks I finally made Gold 1. So any person who is frustrated just hang in there and don't lose sight of your goal.



Welcome to Apiary. I'm surprised you're having such problems with Alveo, but it is certainly not my experience. Perhaps the technical team at Apiary can help you. Also, you might look into your own internet service. My general experience (although I don't have definite evidence) is that Alveo requires more bandwidth. By contrast, MT4 is an efficient platform that runs with slow internet.

After a while, with a good internet connection, you'll get used to the features of Alveo so it won't be a restriction.


Hi Fay, To avoid getting exposed, go to
1. code, (second button after file)
2. Variable
3. set your:
a. default stoploss
b. default takeprofit
c. & if you wish a trailing stop ( this may take you out of your trades sooner tham you what, especially if there is alot of whipsaw, if trending , no problem)

4. Save.

Once you do this, every trade you enter will have a default stoploss and takeprofit. You can always change this. Hope this helps.

Good luck and Good Trading.