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My name is Jamie McCullough. I'm a mechanical engineer. I've been trading on the side with Apiary for 4 years, funded for about 2. FOREX trading has been more challenging that I though. It's been harder to be consistent and mostly to manage my own internal static, fear, and frustration than to learn any strategy or system. It feels like I've recently turned a corner and I'm excited to see what this skill set can do for me! Happy Trading Bees! 

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 2:17pm
Leo in Huronia

Hello Jamie,

Forex. Looks so simple, and yet so hard to get good at! In trading Forex we are forced to learn how to deal with ourselves. Compared to that, I kind of think the Forex part might be a little easier...

Enjoy the journey!



I like that sentiment Leo!

and oh so true.

action vs anxiety - Clear.PNG

Hi Jamie,

I am going through the same thing right now. The one think I love about trading, is it is helping me grow as a person. I am definitely learning how to become more patient and learning to trust my gut. I am learning to trust my trading system and stop second guessing myself.



The general rule of thumb is that 85% of traders who complete Silver II eventually become Funded Traders. Right now, you're developing a skill that fits your personality. As you see your statistics grow, you'll hone and polish your skills. Real soon, you'll be funded.

Hang in there!


@broslansky, do you know the % of traders who get funded that become profitable year after year?



Sorry, no. That's the only statistic I've heard. It's more of a "rule of thumb", anyway, and not to be taken as a hard Stat.

It's a great question, though, as the other "rule of thumb" about funded traders is that 98% blow it, right from the start. I'm one of the 98%. :(

The trader who learns their skill during GI and GII, with the Statistics to prove their skill, should keep doing the exact same thing with their funded account as they did when they were in the Beeline.

The problem is that newly Funded Traders get this "King Kong" attitude and "forget" their lessons, looking for the Big Fat Check. What they're actually doing is Constantly Changing Strategies (the CCS disease, as FXGold puts it). Unfortunately, the next "lesson" is to learn how to dig out of the hole they self created. When the Funded Trader "remembers" the lessons learned from the Beeline, the year after year profitability will come. It's a statistical absolute.

Your winning trades compared to the losing trades should push for 60:40.
Your average revenue compare to your average expenses needs to be positive.
Your last 30 days needs to have a positive expectancy.

Wash, rinse, repeat!

It's all about repeating the same process, day after day, year after year.


How is the change from mechanical engineering, Jamie?