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Introduction to my preferred Alveo setup and myself.

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Introduction to my preferred Alveo setup and myself.

Having flown helicopters for 44 years from the US to Vietnam and Korea in the early phases to the Gulf of Mexico, Saudi Ararbia, Venzuela and Argentina in the midphase and Dubai for the last nine years until 2013,  I have developed what is called a crosscheck for my gauges and instruments that is very efficient at keeping me out of harms way and proficient at reaching my destinations on time. So I like to use a charting setup for Alveo that includes multiple time frames on multiple currencies and Gold. This setup used to require multiple monitors but with the advances in tech like 4k TV's and high def graphics cards all you need is a Large screen TV with 4k UHD and a computer that has a 4K video card. So to make a long story short I have about 11 chart screens going with a curremcy pair at a time and 1 screen for the One click, Orders, and Order History.  This gives me lots of info at the same time which is very similar to flying a multi-engine helicopter at night over water and landing on a small helipad without the need for Night Vision Goggles. I tried to upload the screen shot of my Alveo setup here but found that it only accepts 2MB pictures. So I had to break my Screen shot into thirds to give you an idea of what I am using. I find that using that much info at a time provides a level of confidence that is more appropriate for me. I like to use the 15min, 1hr, and 4hr Stochastics for monitoring, entering, and exiting along with an eye open for gold's movement in relation to the trading pair if the USD is part of my pair and also with the AUD. The daily and weekly charts are also readily available so I do not need to continually open new charts. 

Alveo Setup 1of 3.jpg1.89 MB
Alveo Setup 2 of 3.jpg1.88 MB
Alveo Setup 3 of 3.jpg1.78 MB
Fri, 10/27/2017 - 2:46pm

In my picture to the left there is a purple spiral surrounding me, and while I do understand that we all have this phenomenon happening to a certain degree, it is the first time I have seen it show up in a photo and as far as I know it is not supposed to be visible. It was taken with an inexpensive cell phone and not photo-shopped at all. Maybe it is something that happens when you have a rotating set of blades over your head for a very long time. I have visited over 70 countries while vacationing from Saudi Arabia since they gave us 5 four week vacations a year with a ticket to anywhere you wanted to go along with full salary and I did this for 7 years, all the travelling may have made me dizzy enough to produce it as well. I am just starting the process of using the Alveo setup I described above and I find it to be helpful when choosing a pair to trade and keeping up with its performance so that you can easily see if things are changing enough to get out of your trade or continuing well enough to stay in. It will be evolving as I do and this intro finishes my Silver 1.


Hiya CJ
Interested in your set up.
Had a look at the Dell website under monitors and they have a large horizontal screen illustrated for traders with multiple charts displayed. They say it's a technical solution to having multiple screens and bevels . Hey have ud screens as do many manufacturers. I'm investing in a pc soon and want a dedicated graphics card solution. Dell laptop series is a front runner. I'm a bit confused about the ability to run and power multiple screens (2) or whether these large screen solutions are good on the eyes. Trading system sellers show more equipment heavy specialist equipment but it seems to be overkill these days for retail traders.

Your experience with flight makes you well suited to processing visual info.


should have said ...the dell single monitor is like huge displaying multiple windows instead of separate monitors


Thanks for sharing! I prefer lots of information about a currency to be visible but my current setup is very limiting. :( Lots of information helps me make better decisions.


Hello Kiefercj
Absolutely love your setup I want/need to upgrade my setup. Im currently working with an old 17in laptop with single display.
With a modest budget of about $1500 do you have any recommendations for a graphics display card and pc setup.

BTW I noticed you are going into Silver 2 but welcome to the hive
I wish you nothing but good fortune


Cool profile pic too