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New to trading.  Decided to start with Apiary for the education and funding.

I'm 49, recently moved to southern Vermont, and manage a horse farm with my wife and daughter.


Mon, 09/21/2020 - 9:27pm

Welcome Josh! May I introduce you to one of the most profitable patterns in forex:

2020-09-22 16_00_39-Alveo.png

Welcome Josh this is the best decision u ever make i am 57 single father have MS /ptsd/panic attacks however the educattttion here is the best .The way the teach is down to earth make things that are hard easy to understand


Hey Josh,
If you haven't run in to the requirement to be social you will soon. I just bumped up to a new level and need to give my two cents. I didn't coin the phrase, but (too much knowledge in forex is poison). What that means is if you are looking for the secrete sauce of trading all the time you will never become a consistent trader.
The key to being a profitable trader is being consistent. Take 100 trades in a row doing everything exactly the same before trying anything new. Same set up, same entry trigger, same risk and too many other same things to mention.
There are a lot of strategies that work, but if you bounce from one to another without mastering any of them you will never get funded. I speak from years of loosing for the above reason.


Welcome aboard,if you hang in there long enough,you will eventually succeed
all the best


Hi Josh! Welcome to Apiary!

If You are new to trading in general I recommend to You "Forex Basic" and "Trading Basic" classes.

To watch RECORDINGS go to Calendar (on website, not in Alveo) select a class and click on "View Recording". On a new page there is a link icon next to class name (like on a picture below), click on it and that's where you can watch video.

The best classes to me are "Daily Forex Fanatics" and "Trading Room". Forex Fanatics is greatly oriented on helping people to grow as a trader, and in Trading Room you can find bits of gold watching and listening to trading veterans as they trade.

I wish you best of luck and Welcome to Apiary!

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Welcome aboard. Enjoy the journey as you learn. Pay attention to how emotions impact your trading decisions. See if they impact the consistent methodology mentioned earlier and find what works for you. I am grateful for the different strategies, time entries discussed here as it allowed me to identify what works for me.

Best of luck as you work the process.