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Invalid order ID passed

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Invalid order ID passed

Hello when I try to click on the "X" in "Orders" to remove an order it says "invalid order ID passed" and it wont eemove it.

How can I remove orders? 


Thank you

Wed, 04/01/2020 - 8:01am

I had the same problem yesterday. I had a net positive gain, but could not close (same message). Once bid price crossed my entry (making it a loser), the invalid order went away. You can contact support to "reclaim" loss (if a practice account). Provide support the account number, trade ID number and error message. They can back out the trade so it does not reflect in your statistics.


@gapfiller please email to Support by providing your account number and the Order ID number for the trades you want them to close for you.


gapfiller ... what a great nickname ... you win! ;-)


Send an email to support and they should be able to help you.


I encountered the same problems with not being able to close my filled 4 trades during the Europe opening session, as well as 5 filled trades 20 mins ago. For the earlier 4 trades, they were closed when it hit my SL. As for the other 5 trades, I would have to email Support to close them if they were not closed on hitting my TP.


All my subsequent 5 filled trades were closed when the daily 5% limit loss was breached, losing $47.50.

Postmortem - though I'm somewhat affected by this Alveo glitch, the root cause for losing all 9 trades for the day was due to my doubling of one micro lot size to 0.02 lot (BAD RISK MANAGEMENT) after I had a 26% gain from my previous days gain (major gain from 5 short trades on the USD/JPY which I cannot close at my end, but with the help from Support after 5 days through the weekend).

I take this as a wake up call and immediately went to re-read Chapter 7 - Risk Management from the book "How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange - A Guaranteed Income for Life" by Courtney D. Smith (a free copy can be downloaded from Goggle search).

I quote as follows:-

You can have the greatest method in the world but it will be a failure if you don't control your risk. All methods take losses. But what if those losses cause you to be wiped out? You won't have the money power to come back to create all the glorious profits that the greatest method will create.

Bad risk management can create stress that leads to bad trading. Once that bad risk management blows our mind, we are lost as traders. We will start to do self destructive things as "double up to catch up". We will look to punish a market to make up for our loss. Or we will hesitate and not put on trades we should put on.

Bad risk management will destroy a good system. Bad risk management can turn a profitable system into an unprofitable system, but not vice-versa. Good risk management is more important than having a good system.

Don't change the stop loss just because you want to do 2 contracts (or double the size). You should always pick the optimal stop point and then see how many contracts (what size) you are allowed to buy (or sell), not the other way around.

The risk management rule is there to make sure you stick to the self discipline necessary to make money in the markets and not get blown out by a few bad trades.

Take a time out - key risk management rule is to take time off if you go through a losing streak. Take a break, clear your head. People are tremendously attracted to doing stupid things after they have lost a good chunk of money. You won't have any objectivity, you won't by calm, cool and collected. If you do loose 10% in a month, simply shut down trading and take a long vacation for the month. Loose 5%, take one week off, 2% take one day off.


Happy Trading!


yes im now having this issue with limit orders that are filled when my computer is asleep but alveo is running. subsequently i cannot close the order at all, and its status says filled but doesn't show an P/L. Only on my statistics page does it show the actual P/l of the open trade, and for some reason i can only close the trade once it finally goes from being in profit to being in loss. This issue didn't used to exist either hopefully its fixed soon because limit orders are a big part of trading



Yes, I 100% agree but the best risk managment wont help you if your orders, SL, TP are not getting executed by the application, which is happening quite a lot since I joined Apiary...


@gapfiller totally agree with you that we have no control over the glitches occurring in the ALVEO platform, nor do we have any control over the OUTCOME of our trades. We can only feedback the problems to Support and trust the ALVEO team to rectify such glitches and help improve the trading platform.