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Is it a good idea to keep track of all your trades? Sure! but HOW???

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Is it a good idea to keep track of all your trades? Sure! but HOW???


Is it a good idea to keep track of all your trades? Sure! but how? 

I notice in the videos that teacher are stressing on the importance of keeping notes of the trades,

thatit is important to treat it as a business, etc...

But still there is no example of a method how to do it.

I am against re inventing the wheel and this is why i am trading here

Could someone point me out the way they do it?

THanks in advance

Fri, 08/30/2019 - 12:51pm


You can emotag and write notes in your trades (comments). It keeps things simple.


Yep. You can use Alveo. You can also export your Order History to .CSV to sort your history however you want. To do that, right click in Order History, and then select Export to XLSX.

It can also be very helpful to plot your trades after the fact to see how accurate your entries and exits were. To do that, click the Scripts icon at the top right of your chart in Alveo (2nd from the right), and then select Plot Trades and enter the order number range you want to see.


Very helpful thank you


shorthand comments are good but only before the trade closes

just open the trade after placing it, also like to review the notes when doing plot trades.


I actually use a 2 pronged approach:

1st is a screenshot and the
2nd is a spreadsheet.

I have attached an example of both from today:


9-3 GJ detailed.png excel.png

You have to click on the excel pic to see it fully.


I am a scalper so I can't really keep track of every little position and trade. I like to have a macro view of how my day went. I'll write down thoughts of my emotions etc. I have a spreadsheet that has morphed overtime. I started with a sheet where enter my ending balance and it would calculate things like my daily return, monthly return, etc. (See Attached) I'd add notes and my thoughts.

Then I wanted to keep a little more detail so now I keep a daily journal of my trades and will plot my trades. I write down my feelings of the day, remember some of the setups and my thought process, and any takeaways I can think of. Often when I'm trading, these general observations will come to my mind and help in my analysis during a trading session. Just kind of a macro view.

I have a thread where I upload my progress if you want to see examples. Has worked for me. I like having a overall view of my month and then a daily view I can dig into if I want details. The days where I am losing are the hardest ones to do. But a week or two later, when I've got a better attitude, I often want to look back and see where things went wrong. I've learned a lot that way. Hope that helps.

example monthly log.png


That is Awesome...would love to see your thread



Opps sorry forgot to share a link. Here you go.


Thanks Dan Great stuff :)