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Is it possible to open a trade with 0.24 lot?


Is it possible to open a trade with 0.24 lot?

Hi, I am beginner and look forward to learn to trade successfully. I have a question about lot sizes:

Is it possible to open a position with for example 0.24 lot? Or must I choose either 0.2 lot or 0.3 lot? I prefer 0.24 lot because that is 1% risk of my account on Alveo.

Greatful for help.

Sun, 10/16/2016 - 4:13pm

It's possible, but if you're just beginning then you should just use 0.01 lots and focus on the pips.


.01 is apiary recommended lot size while very new. The focus should be on learning how to capture pips. lot size can be lifted once you master that. no pips .no money


I understand, thank you for your help!