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Just Completed the 25-5-24 in Silver One

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Just Completed the 25-5-24 in Silver One

Hi All, Silver I struggling  for Silver II here.......The 25pips/5trades/24hr had me worried as a fairly new trader.  (Its the walking away from the computer part )  

Well, I made it, but it wasn't very pretty.

I chose 5 pairs with 5 trades each. Three long pairs  and two short based on historical performance.  Opened up the ST and TP targets and just let them run for 24 hrs.  (All at .01).

24 hours and 30 minutes later only one of the pairs were above 25 pips.  I closed the three pairs that were profitable and made my target.  I let the two remaining pair sets run as long as I could before I had to close out.  Took a bit of a bath on those, but I realize I would never really trade like that outside this training element.  

Now on to 5 straight days of "profitable" trading and 10 pips/day for three days.  Shooting for Silver II by the end of next week.  Wish me luck.

 More to come.....


Fri, 01/29/2016 - 4:29pm

Hi Wally
I'm also Silver 1 going for my 5 Straight Days next week. To get the 10 pips per day I trade hourly's with a 1.5 ATR target, This means every trade is bigger than 10 pips. So provided winners outnumber losers you've done it.

Go hard man!


Hi Craig, I hear you. Thanks for the tip. My problem currently is that my winners rarely outnumber my losers. I am getting better though. If I were to advise anyone right now on how to be a profitable trader it would be to watch me and go the "other way." (Ha!) Good luck next week, buddy.



I'm right with you Craig. Good luck

Dan G

I have met all the requirements for Silver 1, but I got thru by hedging, was down 1000 unrealized pips, now I'm down 700 pips but I have been very profitable every day for over a week.

I wonder if I can work thru this draw down. Glad I'm not doing this in a live account.

Does anyone have any successful hedging strategies?


Checking to see if anyone is having issues with their Silver I account not processing orders correctly, I placed 6 trades on January 21st at 5:21PM EST, couldn't close them on Friday so I closed the trades on the open on January 24th (Sunday open) with 5 of the six trades at 100+ PIPS each, the platform gave me credit for the 25-5-24 but showed a monetary loss on each trade, the math was incorrect, instead of a profit on each trade it shows -$0.04 (loss) on each trade of 100+ PIPS. Additionally I have had six profitable days in a row from the 24th through the 29th and my Silver account only shows 3 days. Any feedback would be appreciated ... I have made this issue known to the development team. Thanks ....


4xc it should update when market opens on sunday or at least when apiary office opens on monday I remember when i did that one and it didn't update till I saw it on monday, Hope you have the same results.

Drew T.

Congratulations Guys! I just made it through the 25-5-24 Silver I also. After taking a bath on US/CAD turning south, I finally did it by going short and long simultaneously on a few different pairs and just letting them cancel each other out to neutralize the risk. Learning a lot on the BeeLine through all of this. Great challenges! I think we are lucky to have found this opportunity. Good luck!


Congrats Drew on reaching the achievement .... that one is a challenge ....


Norm, it never updated that Monday and never has, and I am still dealing with support on it but it appears that it cant be fixed, so I got the 25-5-4 but none of the profit, and now I have six profitable days in a row in that account and it isn't updating, I should have gone up to Silver II. I have stopped using the account until it is fixed, it goes back and forth between 3 and 4 days profitable by itself.


The 25-5-24 is the last thing I need to finish Silver 1. I got 4 out of the 5, but the last one is elusive.

Drew T.

Thank You 4xctrader,
Hope the BeeLine system sorts itself out for you. Maybe tech support could open another Silver account and load all your credits into the new account.

Drew T.

Good Luck Wally! Wish me luck on five profitable days in a row.