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just funded

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just funded

HI i just got funded any advice for the next two weeks 

Wed, 09/23/2020 - 3:41am

Don't blow it.
you've no doubt heard it all before but just keep doing what you were doing and keep your losses small


stay small, the slow way is the best way
remember it is about consistency not making big b


Way to hang in, do everything totally opposite of what I do and you will kill it.


Just bumped to gold 2. didn't notice when, I was just trading away in gold 1 and looked up and saw a new requirement to watch a video and thought oh crap I've been in gold 1 so long they have added new content to the requirements.
Must be a government requirement to advance me because I have special needs. I'll take it !


@ghafen, Congrats
happens a lot, the bump is on autopilot.


Congratulation, stay focused on the things that got you there


Ghafen, I am at gold 1 at the moment but my balance is at 855.70 from the 1000,00 that I started. It was a little lower than that but I have been able to bring it back to that amount. My question to you is this, did your Gold 1 money droped below the 1000,00 that you had initially. Oh by the way congratulation on being funded.


I just got funded too and I’m just staying steady on my rules. Don’t look for homeruns just keep getting to first base over and over and over again. Steady slow consistent.

Ro -Trader

Congratulations, I'm going steady slow consistent after going in too heavy and fast, good learning curve.