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Just got to Silver 1, planning to build a new PC

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jon C UK

Just got to Silver 1, planning to build a new PC

Major events occurring including  finally get to Silver, more of that below. Having had a few health issues of late desided to take early retirement, yeah can concentrate on trading now. Oh and probable move to a new location in sunnyy Weston Super Mare mainly to get a cable internet link as at present have connection over phone lines which is fine when working properly but can be flakey.

Was having major problems with trades which eventually blamed exclusively on a second hand PC I aquired to use for Apiary/trading faulty CPU. Took it back to place I had bought it and exchanged it for another. Wow I could scalp properly without problem, the charts/indicators were not running properly on other PC which made trading interesting. Place a trade and upon entry a lot would fall over as market had reversed or on several occasions I would be placing a trade on one pair and it would default to a different pair....aarrgghh. Anyway a lot better with the replacement PC, trades place using current charts are a lot easier to manage.

Anyroad while newish PC is behaving itself it still does not maintain the indicators completely, things like the signal line on Stochastic fail to keep up etc. So now planning on getting the componants for a fairly bullet proof PC in the new year. Not totally finalised the componant list yet but basic selection will be ...Intel 9850k processor, motherboard capable of 4 channel memory support, 32 gb memory, twin graphic cards crosslinked ( so can put up to 6 or more screens if desired but will have 3/4 initially), couple of SSD drives and a DVD player, reasonable sound card/speakers for the online lectures and maybe music/netflix. Also have an idea of water cooling perhaps utalising a fish tank and external radiator type setup which may or maynot happen but seems quite a fun idea at moment. Fish tank with series of clear coils carrying coloured water from Pc with neon tetras swimming through them seems quite appealing. Main cooling would be effected by a unit with radiators and fans seperate from the Pc thus removing most heat from PC case. Also tank should supply some entertainment for my cat and hopefully reducing the occurences of her sitting directly in front of the screen staring at me and demanding strokes etc.  Theory anyway, doubt that she would treat idea with anything but distain sigh.

Oh using 3 EMA's,8,34 and 144, Stochastic mainly for trades but trying a few other items including Ichimoku which also suffers from lag but hopefully will work properly with new rig but still trying to learn that as seems to be popular on JPY linked pairs and thus would enablke trading with idea of what asian traders using ( work in progress).




Sat, 12/10/2016 - 7:16am


Congrats on Silver 1. Keep'll make it to funding.

Hope the health issues actually go away totally. I had a full stroke last October and am making it back. Prayer helps.

Sounds like you have a cool machine planned. I was having performance issues and upgraded to 100mb cable download and a 8gb dedicated virtual machine sitting on 2012r2 server. I average 14-18 simultaneous open trades and still have occasional delays in Alveo accepting and executing trades. My son has 300mb up and down and still experiences occasional delays as well. He is running on a 16gb mostly dedicated machine. We are both in the US.

I use 7 EMA, 14 SMA, and 60 SMA as indicators.

Wishing you good health and Happy Trading!


jon C UK

Will have to trial the sma's, the reasons I use the 8,34,144 now is they work fairly well ( with the replacement PC lol), 8 and 33 being used for entry signals and the 144 as trend indicator, also on a Geek type level they are Fibonacci numbers. Suspect that any set with similar spacing would function equally as well. The 7,14 would give more entry signals and I am trailing alternates, dropping to 8,21 periodically. But since the last computer was working against me so much kinda invalidated experiences prior to its replacement ( damaged confidence so wasn't letting trades run etc but getting past that now).
My current net feed gives 18-22 mb and there isn't an option to increase that in my current location hence will relocate early next year so should get 50-100mb depending on provider/cost.
Machine wise, planned may be exagerated, concept is good ( aside from fish tank which is a little flippant but seems fun, might be like a bumper sticker seems amusing for a short time but then becomes just there). Part selection is proving a headache, so many choices and each change effects other items. Fairly happy with CPU, Motherboard and memory sizing. Number of cores/threads CPU supporting open pairs charting, memory disinclined to use smaller 4gb units as limited number of slots and if need to increase results in wasting initial purchase. Way MB uses 4 channel dictates using 4 units and 8/16 gb are relatively cheap so 32/64 gb, can always use 32gb as a ram drive if I use 16's. Have seen reviews that contradict but suspect more related to bucketing of lower level CPU's and sellers/advertisers influence on articles.
Disks couple of SSD's mainly speed wise and as never seem to use large disks with what I use them for. Largest item on any of my disks is music collection. Would need a dvd player though these seem to be falling out of favour and not catered for internally on most new cases. Don't like idea of external units, clutter lol.
Down to GPU's and sound now, well mainly GPU's. Not a gamer so just have to support the number of screens at a reasonable level.
Oh and water cooling V air. Seems logical since the object is to remove heat from CPU/GPU is to have the heat transferred to a seperate box and disipated there. Hence water coolng, have access to a laser cutter so can knock out a box (perspex) with holes for radiators etc thus reducing PC box only needing minimal air flow. Down side additional cost and materials available in the UK.
Think that turning point on that is going to be the new flat and what space I can utilise for my set up.
Appologies for ramble but as much for clarification for myself and hopefully feed back on concept.


Hi Jon

Have to admire your pluck and enthusiasm.

Have a read of The website has loads of information on the best comfigurations and why. Its a free guide from Falcon Computers who make dealing setups I nearly understood some of it.

Then check out who are manufacturers and have lots of bundled offers. I'm impressed.
I may make a purchase. (I have no connection to the company).

Ron in Bedford