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Just For Grins

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Just For Grins

When your trading is upside down turn your monitor upside down :o)

Fri, 04/07/2017 - 6:04am

Back in 1993 we had computer lessons in school. I turned that old EGA monitor upside down and told my teacher that something was wrong with the screen. He failed to solve the problem. :D


Question: When is the worst time to place a trade?
Answer: When you place the trade :o(


My trading signals have proven to be negative 100% accurate. When my trading signals say go 'long' the market goes down and when they say go 'short' the market always goes up.

From time to time I have these crazy thoughts. I also have non-trading thoughts like: If I get a smaller mailbox will I get less junk mail?


When I was for the very first exposed to the computer age (about 2 decades ago), I contacted a programer friend of mine . . . told him I was gravely concerned and almost in a state of panic . . . I also told him that I had retreated 10 meters away from the computer because it said "BOOT" . . . enjoy!