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Just wondering and would love to hear from you

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Just wondering and would love to hear from you

I was wondering if anyone knows some good books for either keeping a positive attitude or for technical analysis?  I just made it to Silver 2 and with having some medical issues during the year already, I would like to add especially books that can help with my attitude in trading and going through medical issues :D  Thanks everybody in advance for your posting!

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 5:57pm

Hey Jason, yeah anything by Mark Douglas (can see tons of his stuff now on youtube, including probably full length audio books). He really walked his talk, having been through it all in trading.

Re technical analysis, not too many books out there worth bothering with general way too much wack a doodle over analysis, weird combination of over complication while at the same time being mind numbingly training-wheel if designed by some frustrated accountant afraid of his own shadow like Monty Python used to make fun of. And those are about the stuff that works lmao. Imagine the ones on fundamental analysis!


Here is a link to a forum post that mentions several books you might find helpful.

May the trades be ever in your favor.


I agree with mvantonelli, Mark Douglas is the best you can find on psychology and a good technical analysis book is very hard to find. Jason, just watch the training videos that Apiary provides and then give it lots of practice.


Agreed Mark was clearly a pioneer that said Bret Steinbarger is a psychologist and along with Allan Clear Atomic Habits coach the two make a very powerful team for SMB Capital.


Thanks everyone! :D