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Keep getting the "Trade Disabled - Order Data Failed to Download" message

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Keep getting the "Trade Disabled - Order Data Failed to Download" message

I keep getting this message over and over the last several days.  I have been having some issues with my wi-fi also, so I'm trying to figure out if it's the wi-fi or Apiary.  Has anyone else been having this issue.  Thanks!

Sun, 02/09/2020 - 10:03pm

I would recommend sending an email, with screen shots, to


Thanks. I will do that!


i am having the same issue i just sent a ticket


Helpful thank you


I have that issue when i trade at night. I just keep clicking the X until i finaly get a response. Now the only issue i have is that my stats are not being updated. I hope this is resolved soon.


@ cajunseymours what X you are referring? I am experiencing this problem as well since last night and its soooo frustrating! that i couldn't trade.



Did you get a response from Support? If so, would you post it here, please? Seems others are experiencing similar problems.



Hello everybody, i work in Apiary Fund Support, we are sorry for these issues they are known and we are working hard to get them fixed. It is a server issue that we are trying to isolate, and correct. As a side note i saw that somebody above posted the wrong contact information to reach our support team. it is


Hey traders!

When I posted the Support email, I went from memory. I should have researched it.

Sorry. :(

Red Head Scorpion

Thought it was just my internet/computer issues, thanks for the post!


It stopped when I registered for VPS and let Alveo run there.There is a trial for 2$/7days,then its 20$/month.
Also positions are closed all at once now.So its definitely the connection and ALVEO combined.
sl s are executed also when the laptop is offline,so no need to run it always and also not keeping a connection up for the laptop always.
It runs on the VPS server.Choose new York server location no matter where you are,its nearest to Apiarys server.
Also it might be good to choose more than the minimum for RAM,but thats optional.Thats the link if you like to check it out,
the company is FXVM as you can see.


Can't close my trades right when I need to ...oh boy