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KISS Keep it simple strategy

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KISS Keep it simple strategy

My simple strategy uses the 89 HMA, the 9 HMA and the 14 period ATR

I use on 1HR or 1Day charts, I've not tested any other time frames.

This is a trending strategy. Wait until the 9 HMA aligns to the 89 HMA as your entry point.

Place trade on open of new candle once 9 and 89 HMA colors align.

Place three trades all with 3xATR stoploss and each with 1xATR, 2xATR, and 3xATR Take Profit.

Once first trade makes 1xATR take profit, raise stoploss to break even on trades 2 and 3.

Once second trade makes 2xATR take profit, raise stoploss to 1xATR for trade 3.

If the 9 HMA changes direction(color), wait for it to align again and add 3 more positions.

If the 89 HMA changes direction(color), close all positions.

A few suggestions for the strategy: 1) when using a 1hr chart, do not place trades when the 9 HMA and 89 HMA

align if there is any red colored news events within the next one or two hours. 2) If a single candle is 2xATR or larger

and this causes the 9 HMA to align to the 89 HMA, wait an additional candle before entry as there is typically a pullback

which could stop you out quickly. 3) If you notice large wicks on candles right before 9 HMA aligns to 89 HMA,

consider passing on the trade until the next alignment as large tails equal whipsaws that might stop you out early and quickly

Good trading everyone

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 10:44pm

Hi ultimatefreedom4ever- What kind of results are getting? Since this is a trending strategy what do you do when in consolidation?


Hi Ultimate, I like your definition for KISS. Your last word inspires hope. I am thinking about looking at HMA strategies again. Will give it a go on a demo account. Keep up the good work.


Hi Ultimatefreedom4ever

I like the simplicity.
I'll give a try.



Awesome thanks for sharing this strategy.


Ultimatefreemdom4ever - thanks for sharing.

What amount of trades would you average per day if you were using the D1 charts?
Any particular pairs you avoid?
Do you adjust your TP or SL targets when using H1 charts?


Thanks for sharing, ultimatefreedom4ever....keep up the good work.



Thanks for sharing


My charts are clean, only supports resistance and Moving Averages


thanks for sharing. HMA is a great tool for trending markets. best wishes on your continued success