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Kobi Oshi Maru (Star Trek reference) - How to handle when Save Template malfunctions


Kobi Oshi Maru (Star Trek reference) - How to handle when Save Template malfunctions

I'm using Alveo 1.5.20. I wanted to change the color of the Signal line in Stochastics and save the template. Its easy enough to change the color and save the template, but when I reloaded the template the Stochastics indicator had merged with the CCI indicator.

I tried some different things but none stopped the problem. So then I opened the .tpl template file in Notepad. I could see it was XML. Fortunately the field name tags were readable enough to find the color setting for the Signal line.

I opened the previous version of the template in Notepad. (BTW, always use a different name when saving a new version of a template so you can get back to the previous template.) Then I opened the new corrupted template file. I copied the color field values from the bad template to the good older template and saved it under a new name. This new template opened perfectly and with the desired color changes.

The Star Trek reference is to a questionable solution by James Kirk. When he couldn't handle a training simulation that can't be won, he secretly reprogrammed the test scenario so that there was a way to win, and convinced the instructors to let him try it one more time. That's how I felt when I hacked the template file lol.

Fri, 11/08/2019 - 4:33pm