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Laptop Recommendations for Trading

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Laptop Recommendations for Trading

Does anyone trade on a laptop? What recommendation can you give that would help in my selection process.

Sun, 03/25/2018 - 9:59pm

I have a Hewlett Packard that I bought online about 2 or so years ago. I have a 17in screen and the largest memory and processer that they had at the time. I am sure that other companies can do the same thing. Good luck in your search.


shoot I have an old Asus maybe 10 years, its been places with my son ... it works fine, a little slow on startup but once up NP. Aside from cleaning it I updated the network card and maxed out the ram... I use it for a second computer and slave to my mainPC.


I have a MSI 15" gaming laptop.


I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet as a second PC. It works great. The screen is a little small, but an external monitor would probably solve that issue.


My Laptop is a Dell Inspiron Core i7
Uptill Now Brilliant Got it last Summer at around 700 bucks - I guess What we will Need is the aid of a Fast processor I 've seen I5's Work ok (My Wife uses a Dell Inspiron i5) but the I7 is seamless and Updates Price Action Superfast

I've Also used a Mac Book Air, Without any Complaints. I have started to use a monitor so my Eyes Don't Hurt that much


new laptop. dell xps 15. wide monitor . i love it.


I have the dell xps 15 and its amazing !!!


I'm thinking about getting a laptop, too :)


Well I use 2 laptops but one is hp 17 inch with second monitor but is a pain to be mobile with. I did just get the Surface Pro with keyboard and a mouse. Its awesome its lite weight can be in the car, at the park and connect to the internet though my phone. But yes the screen is small but that hasn't bothered me cause its right in front of me.

I guess its worth saying that I got the expensive one that I can use as a work horse and have the performance.

If you ask me would I buy it again.. Yes I would


Thank you for the recommendations. My birthday is Monday so I bought an Asus. I’m very grateful, and thankful for the opportunity and the people brought together on here. Happy Easter. He Has Risen.



I have an HP Spectra. It has a fast processor, plenty of ram, fast solid state HDD, and fast C type usb ports. I bought two inexpensive 27" monitors and a vertical rack and a little docking station for it. The docking station is connected via a C type usb connector and the 2 monitors are connected to the docking station via hdmi cables. It is easy to move my cursor around, the performance is good and I have lots of Windows desktop space for what ever I need to look at.

It was pretty easy to set up and I like it. It fits in a corner right next to my two monitor work computer on the right. So I can do a little studying and trading before work, during lunch or after work if I want to hang out a while.

And then I have a regular pc with two monitors at home. If I can get to the point where I can live on trading income only, I'll upgrade to a full strength 8 monitor system, but for now.. this fits my space and meets my needs.



I am using the MacBook Pro with Parallels and love it. Although I have to run Windows with Parallels, I don't think I will ever go back to a Windows based computer.

The Mac requires a little time to get use to (Apple provides free classes) so I would suggest you find someone who has one and try it out before purchasing one as they are a bit pricey, however, bear in mind that you get what you pay for. I found out the hard way. I purchased an HP laptop for $300 last year to take to Italy with me and now it is like a snail. The guys at Geek Squad told me it was the quality of the components and gave suggestions to other brands to buy, so I would suggest you check with them.


I'm using MacBook Pro. Google cloud console is good to run Alveo and the good news is it is free for one year.


I am currently using an hp pavilion 17", hoping to upgrade soon though.


just heard that lenovo are bringing out a laptop with two screens. might interest some traders on the street with an interest in trading more than one pair.



For your information it depends whether you need a Lap Top or a Desk Top. If you continuosly work with a Desk Top and you have alot of different jobs that you are required to perfrom than my suggestion is to work with a Desk Top. If you continuosly travel aolt out of your office, go on vacations, than your best bet is to work with a Lap Top. If you do both, which I currently use both a Lap Top as well as a Desk Top, than I would recommend that you use both. The price for both the Lap Top as well as the Desk Top are fairly resonable.

So the best of luck.


I use a Lenovo Yoga and it works really well. I am very pleased and surprised that the batteries these days last so long.



I am using Samsung RF711 on my desk with additional monitor attached to it. The additional monitor helps me to confirm the setup by using other platform.

You can make using of laptop as you want.


Suggestion == have you modem/router on battery backup, and the laptop already has a battery.


I use a Dell XPS 15 9560 and have a 27" LG 4k monitor connected to it. I have the Dell set for extended screens and display Alveo on the 27" monitor and watch other things on the Dell. I also have an older I Mac 27". I have TOS running on that and have it set up to monitor 9 charts on TOS. It is large enough that I can still see what is going on with 9 charts. If I see something happening on one of those charts I can then bring up that pair in Alveo. I can also do alignment with different time frames on one pair using the I Mac so that I can not have to keep changing the Alveo screen. Both computers are capable of wifi, but I have them hardwired with an ethernet cable for faster internet speeds. Have added a mouse and keyboard to the Dell as it is faster to work with for me than the track pad and laptop keyboard.

When I first started with Apiary in late July, I only used the Dell while I sat on the couch watching tv at the same time. Now I am more serious and focused and work at a desk setup so I can take notes during discussion groups and classes.


I have a desktop with a gamer graphics card...


I have Desktop and Laptop that are both Gaming computers. They work greatl for trading.


I use a Microsoft Surface Book and LOVE it. I plug it into an external monitor at home and enjoy the convenience of dual screens. Then it goes with me when I travel.


I've just got Chuwi Surbook Mini (under $300) to trade when I go outside.
- from Alveo requirement, it doesn't seem to need high CPU spec.
Strong Internet connection could be more significant.

At home, I have a notebook (quite a low spec as well) connecting to extended 24" monitor.


I have a 4 yr old Macbook Pro w/ 17" screen and a second monitor connective via the thunderbolt to DVI adapter. I use Virtual Box and run Windows 7 w/2 screens for Alveo in which I also run a copy of MT4 with all my charts and custom indicators that only run on MT4. I also have a second "market analysis" tool and the three run without any issues as long as you have a reliable internet connection.


dell desktops, hp laptops...that's how i do it with my clients.


what you have to keep in mind with a laptop is the voltage...

laptops run on a lower voltage as a way to reduce heat, as a result your killer cpu and amazing memory setup will run slower than they would in a desktop setup.

you can go with a gaming laptop, such as alienware, at least the original versions, where the laptop is configured to run like a desktop.

*** important ***

do not skimp on your laptop cpu or memory, if you do, for reasons shared earlier, the laptop will be even slower. i always ask myself, "in five years will i be crazy slow or still have decent performance?"

how you purchase your laptop in the beginning will determine your overall experience over the lifetime of the laptop.


note: the new alienware setup may still be the same, i just haven't looked at them since they were bought out by dell.


Lenovo p52 works well and has multi-display capabilities


Dell and hp are always a good option.


ugh, not HP, please...LOL

as a trader get a Dell business account, support is not too shabby.


I need a laptop that can handle multiple platforms at the same time . Is this possible ?


45acp, that's a matter of dual booting and hard drive size or multiple hard drives.



It depends on what you do, and what platforms. If you do intensive algorithmic/quantitive trading with big backtests, that can load up your machine a lot more.

For normal trading, yes, you can easily do this on a laptop. Most platforms don't take up much in terms of resources.

I often run MT4 and Alveo on my HP laptop (sorry Rookie, HP is great!) with 8GB RAM , side-by-side with Visual Studio Code, web servers, etc in my day job with no issues.

I don't think I would have any trouble adding NinjaTrader/Jigsaw to that too (but I cant' as they are licensed to my desktop).

I use a desktop for my trading computer as I wanted multiple monitors, plus got a great price on it at a home clearance sale.

When I make some money though I am going to "upgrade" my desktop to a laptop, I see now many support multiple monitors if I understand it right, and for me living on a small holding outside a city in Africa I get power and internet outages more often than most, so the battery "backup" of a laptop is a big plus (I have a small UPS but it does not last long) and the ability to be mobile, i..e go somewhere where the internet is up is a big plus for me.


my main platform is ninja trader with numbers bar and institutional valuation and supply and demand . Alveo and MT4 . I think ninja wants 16 GB ram. I am going to buy laptop just for trading , so I can be mobile and trade. As I love to trade. I don't do any back testing


Not sure what you mean by "numbers bars", For me, I ran NT8 with a Footprint Chart which is quite heavy on resources as these things go, and my NT8 shows around 300MB in task manager panel (thats only one pair though, just 6E future in various time frames)

I have 16GB on my trading desktop, and right now running MT4, NT8, Jigsaw Daytradr (for the Jigsaw DOM), Rythmic, Adobe Connect live room, and remote desktop, and using about 4.5GB in total according to basic Win10 task manager.

That's about what I see normally.

So I am not sure about that 16GB requirement. I wouldn't get less than 8GB if I was buying a new laptop though. I think anything from 8-16 would be more than adequate.


I would say, get any low priced ones and then
1. Upgrade the ram
2. Get a virus protection software (like Bitdefender Total Security)

Depending on how you trade you may want to have more displays. I have an ASUS laptop that has an amazing and extremely useless feature: it has HDMI and VGA connections, which is great, but they are very close to each other, so I can't fit the cables together. So I use one screen for my trading and I keep the laptop screen free for other stuff related, but real estate is rare on my trading one.

I wish I could be more like Shawn and fix my attention on only one pair at a time, but I lack the focus to do so, I need more numbers, colors and information.

My ASUS is a 2014 i7 with 8gb ram, and works ok. Not the best, but serves me well, with Alveo, Firefox and MetaTrader running.


I have a sixth generation Lenovo X1 Carbon. It has an i7, 16 GB of ram, a 512 GB SSD hard drive, and full HD resolution.
What I like most about it is that because of the SSD the startup is really fast, I can run it on battery a lot longer than any of my trading sessions without being concerned that it might run out (it has around 15 hours of capacity), and it only weighs about 2 1/2 pounds.
Also, if the battery is low, you can quick charge it to 80% capacity in about 1 hour.
Although it might be overkill, the frame is magnesium and carbon fiber, and it is military tested, so it should withstand being dropped or having any water spilled on it.
On top of all of this, it's a business machine and the keyboard is a pleasure to use.
I bought it around 4 months ago, can't think of any drawbacks, and do not regret spending a bit more than I anticipated.


I just don't like to spend money on new technology. In fact, I wish they had a Linux version so I could use some of my other machines. But I have a Dell with a third generation i7, 16 GB of RAM and a standard drive. My system also has an separate graphics chip so that it takes some of the load off the main processor. But actually I like to trade on my desktop. It just seems more professional, In my mind that is. With my lap top I will sit in a chair and I am a little too relaxed/uninvolved. Anyway. that is my take.



Call me old fashioned but I get by just fine of my old lenovo t420.
I've made it my designated trading laptop so that I don't have to worry about any technical difficulties associated with family members using it, etc.

I like it since it's fairly cheap and meets the specs for hosting alveo, among other trading and chart services.
And it is very sturdy. With a solid state drive installed instead of a traditional disk hard drive, it had survived many drops where most laptops I've had would have simply been kaput.

jo n

i use a microsoft surface pro. The screens are a bit small to see sometimes but is portable and easy to carry around


I realise this is an old thread, but anyone currently looking could always consider treating themselves to a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and use Parallels or Boot Camp to run Windows 10. The all aluminium build is far superior to most PC laptops, and the retina display stunning.


I'm not a techie at all, but I'm thinking of doing more trading away from my desktop.

Does anyone know if a Chromebook would work?