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Latest Upgrade of Alveo Feb 26th

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Latest Upgrade of Alveo Feb 26th

Price is stuck up against the right hand side of the charts in the newest version of Alveo. Can this be moved a little away into the centre? How can I do this or is this the future, stuck over at the extreme right? I want to move it away from the edge as I don't like it where it is with this upgrade? Is this possible?

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 9:24pm
Chuck B

"Template Settings" -> "RIGHT CHART SPACE", where you can adjust the spacing.

- Chuck B




@bvillebjja so far I have only heard of one other person having a problem with their anti-virus software interfering with Alveo 1.4.10. Fortunately, the other person was Vilas (in our technical support department) he didn't have any problems testing it at work, it was when he installed it at home tonight that he got an error. We are planning on looking into it to see how widespread it might be. Do you by chance use AVG?



you working or trading at this time? thanks for the latest update.


At the moment I'm working, just watching our systems close while traders install 1.4.10

You're up late, trading the London open?


Yes Colton trading the european markets, I start at 200 am est ( I actually go to bed by 9 pm, Lol)


Chuck B Thanks for your help.


Hi there,

I am also having the same problem as bvillebjja, my AVG antivirus keeps on deleting the platform and wont allow me to re-install it.


The 'right chart space' was preset, now it isn't, can it be fixed back to be preset again. Man what a job to go through all the charts and reset it!!



You can adjust the "right chart space" in the templates


In AVG, can you exclude the install directory from being scanned? This should allow you to install without interference from AVG


Slow response time with this version of Alveo is killing me as a scalper- with the old Alveo when I closed out a trade it was almost an instantaneous response- now it literally is taking two seconds for it to execute the trade which is killing me as a scalper on the 1 minute time frame- anybody else having this problem??


I am not talking about slippage but program execution time- when I hit the buy button on the watchlist- it literally takes two seconds before the trade shows up on the chart ie with the TP and SL and buy lines- as a fast scalper I can't trade effectively with such a long delay.


The delay in execution is also causing the calculated TP level line on the charts to be wrong too!


I'm also experiencing execution delays that I have not had on previous versions. Almost a full second in delay on closing and one click opening positions. Definitely would like that issue looked at.

Chuck B

Belated "YW", jimsmorningstar :-)

- Chuck B


My 'execution speed' is also much slower than it was yesterday.


Yes I agree with the slow execution speed, no problems before as others have stated. Some of the tasks we must pass become difficult when Alveo can't be counted on so frustrating thinking you have what you need to complete a task and then miss it by a less then one pip because of execution speed. I experienced this several times today. Why can't you let us set our own defaults, as far as colors go on lines, and indicators, Order status because I like the symbols, type of order, X to close trades, buy or sell defaults so they don't change back over night or when you log off. I know others like to move theirs as well, it would be a welcomed advantage for us.


I got the slow issue when I did 1 min scalping with the new version. It made me lose trades in a row.
So I switched back to the old version.


how do you switch back to the old version?


@dhopp: If you have Alveo 1.4.0 installer, you can switch it back as following steps: 1. make a copy of your workspace, templates etc. as needed. Their default location is under "Documents\Alveo" in Windows. 2. uninstall new Alveo completely. 3. reinstall Alveo 1.4.0. 4. Copy back your old workspace, templetes if you have. That's all.


I'll give it a try if the problem isn't resolved next week. Thanks!


Hi everyone.
I am also having problem with Alveo and my AVG antivirus protector.


I also am having slow response times with entering and closing trades. I am scalping the 1m.


Hey just wanted to throw a comment into here....My older laptop just broke on me and I was having the chart hang when my take profit/stop loss was activated (6GB, i5 2nd gen processor). However, 8GB ram, i5 (6th Gen) processor with no dedicated graphics and everything is smooth as butter.

Still am not trading news anymore, but perhaps clean install of all the chart templates and more RAM helps. Just an FYI on my experience.


jakescj, if you are still having trouble with AVG, try going into your AVG, go to options at the top right hand corner then select Virus Vault. In the virus vault will be all the applications that AVG considers a risk and therefore is blocking from working. My AVG had put the Alveo download in there, you should be able to select it and click "restore". This should remove Alveo from the virus vault and allow you to download it. It worked for me.


Thanks nick.spicer for your thoughts- in my case Alveo was working great before the upgrade and after the upgrade execution slowed down a ton but I am running a PC with an i7 processor and 12GB ram so in my case I don't think it is a hardware issue.



Alveo is a Ram hog, so to make sure it is not a hardware issue (most likely, lack of Ram), Google "how to check RAM usage" you come up with various ways to check your Ram usage while it is running.

remember Ram usage increases with the more programs you have open, so make sure to test while you have open all the programs you use while trading.



Good Day,
AVG problem


I simply can not load my order data since latest update! I have reloaded several times but having no luck. I guess trading is out for today!


I have the same execution delay problem and also another one> very frequently I have an ORANGE top line saying TRADING DISABLED AND , NO CONNECTION TO SERVER and DOWNLOADING DATA


danielatomanovic I have the same problem in Thailand, just impossible to trade!


yes bizjango, it is very difficult to trade like this, just now I had an open position and an alert window opened up on the screen saying something like: not able to reach liquidity provider, trade is void....
somehow the trade did go on and I closed it with a few pips gain.


Since updating to version 9 I have the same problem. When updating to version 10 I thought it was OK but the next morning I had all the same messages again. I then completely uninstalled Alveo and did a clean install. Again for a period it wasOK and then started again although it is not so bad than it used to be. VERY frustrating!!!


Seem to be a problem all the way around. Having problems with deletion of platform and AVG will not allow me to reload it. Switched to different anti virus and it helped but now the platform is jumpy. Restarted several times but still not right.


justinz, I have uninstalled 1.4.10, then reinstalled 1.4.0. When i launch Alveo, the system forced me to upgrade to 1.4.10. Any ideas on how to avoid the upgrade? Thanks!


Is it possible to have a "chart select" feature added to Alves that would allow switching between multiple pairs? For example, there are 28 currency pairs, but only four to six charts available on the screen. with a "chart select" option, I could move from one pair to another pair quickly while keeping the chart settings intact.


Schubnel, if you have more charts open than what you see, there should be a drop down list to the right of the last chart tab.

Not sure if that is what you are asking for??


What a disaster this new version of Alveo is for fast scalpers. Today- I literally had 5 trades where the take profit level was placed at a negative level- ie I take lots of sips of small pips with the target level being small... so for instance I would place a buy order via the watch list with say a profit level of 2 pips- when I placed the trade.. and two seconds later it is finally executed- it pops up on the chart with the buy order of whatever it finally got filled at but the take profit level is placed BELOW the filled order line!! I don't know how the code is written for when or how the SL and PL is finally calculated but something is wrong and must be rewritten to account for the inherent latency now programmed into Alveo. This problem occurs when there is high volatility in the price action. With the older version I had no problem at all and got great fills- now I have this problem along with slow and lousy fills. Obviously, I will have to learn how to trade in a new manner but this is a serious problem that should be addressed- especially for people who trade the News!


with You !!
I'm sure Shawn will have an answer tomorrow in the trading room


Thanks to amclaughlin01 for help with the multiple chart display issue that I had! Got me playing around, and I find that you can detach charts and move them around, etc. What a difference that makes. BTW, I finally got a working win machine - was using a mac with VSP - that was big part of my problem. Nobody told me that you have to be part computer geek as well as a trading enthusiast! Best to all fellow Bees.


Love how the developers are working so hard to improve this just keeps getting better and more fun to trade each and every day!!!!! Wish all you bee trades happy pips!!!


Any tips for calculating TP and SL pips AFTER an order is placed? Thanks in advance.


WOW 12GB ram WOW! I only got 4! but then....... I'm not a scalper! But in my case Alveo seems to freeze on me a "lot"....I just shut it down and reboot!

Let's Trade!

well......Ok.......Maybe not.........

Oh well........

I'm sure they will get it fixed!


changing accounts is so much easier lol


So the latency is... Interesting, but hey it motivated me to slam an SSD in my i7 and what a difference, guess now I just need more RAM memory or maybe a hint to finally make the move to a gen 6 cpu? Or even better yet hint at putting VPS on these new Xeon E7 8800's. Ah, It's so nice to dream in between trades, now if I could just get insanely profitable.