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A little nugget of a strategy

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A little nugget of a strategy

Try looking at this folks, it's a conditional/fundamental set-up. How you get in on entries in completely at your discretion

Condition: Looking for BUY on the 4H chart, even better on the Daily

ADX (10) above 40 and turning down

Stochastic slow (14,3,3) below 20 and turning up

Entry: 1HR - ooking for change in trend/arket structure, so a higher high and a higher low.

Works opposite too, for sells, but not as well. Stochastic slow above 80 and turning down, with ADX above 40 and turning down. wait for lower highs and lower lows to enter, but it's harder to prove this is statistically as good as the buys. 

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 2:52pm

Hi Kevin!

I will test your strategy :)


Nice, I'll check this out


If you want a little more information on this is a strategy I went through it a little bit in the Money & Risk Management class that I taught last week (2/27/19, 9pm). You can watch the recording by clicking on that link on the calendar page under the Community tab.

It's kind of like a "catching knives" strategy but it has seen some great success, as long as you watch your risk!

It can also be helpful to watch for support and resistance, trend lines and looking at the D1 chart with the same indicators.

CJ18 and JR, let me know if you have tried it and want any more tips. Another person I've helped with this strategy had his best month last month trading this, even when the first two weeks was not producing any pips, they flooded to us just the last couple of weeks for the month in February.

Happy trading!



Can you share your statistics by using this trade?


Thanks Kevin,I will go watch the recording right now and thank you.