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Live Events Calendar???


Live Events Calendar???

Is there  calendar of live events posted anywhere?  I am wondering how I can plan ahead to what will be available and when.  As it is now, I only hear about these things after the fact.   

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 11:34am

I was wondering the same thing. I would like to plan ahead for a live event. Why on earth are the events on the website in the past?? How do you sign up for a live event?


on your main/home page there is a calendar and all the classes are live, the trading room on Thursday am is usually very insightful and almost 1100% trading.

The calendar in TOTS "Trader On the Street" is live also and contains all the rest of Shawn's live sessions.

I like using, others like for the events calendar - Apiary has one too...


I think we're trying to find a calendar for the Live events such as Boot Camps and Summits and where they will be held and what dates.


Oh.. I think that is not available to us common folk outside the inner circle.


Why wouldn't it be available to everyone? I'm wondering if it's just something you need to ask for. I'll try to find someone to email about this.


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