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Lobbying to open up Alveo development

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Lobbying to open up Alveo development

Hey all

Does anyone have Shaun or Nate's ear? I get the impression Alveo is no longer actively developed - would that be right? It needs a lot of work, and has lots of opportunity to move forward, so I'm wondering how we could go about putting a case to management to open up the development, if not to open source, then at least to hive members with github ids. We could collectively push fixes / enhancements, diversify the build targets, fix some of the really annoying behaviours (tried its renko charts today.. oh well) - and Apiarys internal team could vet and merge and have final say on architectural decsions.  

Anyone else interested? where/who do we talk to to get buy in?

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 7:31am

I agree. And I am interested.