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I am unable to log in alveo. When I log in the software try find server without stop Any solution?

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 5:54pm


I've blown the account and I can't trade anymore. Please reset so that I can trade and continue on my quest as an apiary member.





If you violate the 5% risk rule yu will be locked out of account for the day. It should reset by tomorrow.


Hi when I click on the classes they don't open - can you help?



Are you trying to complete the predetermined courses from your Beeline? Or, are you trying to click on courses in the Calendar?

If you're in the Beeline and can't click them, then you need to contact your Pre-Fund Manager. If you're trying to click on the Calendar courses, these are prepaid courses, for additional training. You may need to contact support.

LMK if you need further assistance.


Hi Jill, and welcome! You found the place to Bee!

Call or e-mail support. There are different trader packages and I'm pretty sure the default package does not allow you to see live classes. Only recorded ones after the fact. They'll take care of it for you. I don't remember if I had to do anything beyond asking (maybe a 3 month commitment or something?), but I got set up to see live classes immediately.

If it's the recorded classes you're having trouble with, that's a Zoom problem. You have to click the little chain-link icon next to the title to open the recording in a new tab.


Thanks for your comments I get it now.

Can anyone help with the fact that I can't get charts on my screen. I can see the top bar but when I click on new chart I can't get one on screen. I have rebooted and reinstalled Alveo but no luck.


I could not get into trader on the street that was scheduled for this evening with shawn. I paid $135.00 for the session that was held this morning and this evening. Please call me at 239 203 4033. Is there a rerun so I can still watch the class.

Anna Heinrich


Wow that sucks Anna! Good luck.

Also, I can suggest you contact them directly at because they usually will not reply on the forum.


there are several us that could not


Anna check your Apiary pvt message


That was a pretty good class I caught Live with Jeff Crystal just now. Glad to be back on apiary fund's Live Calendar schedule.


Mike good see you in the class, you know Mike with your data mining abilities you should really contact Jeff and check out his Sat am group, it's early at 7 AM CDT and no re-runs available but it's a great class for learning price action and the bottom line of trading. Jeff is a certified CMT, that really knows his which side is up.


I HAD WINDOWS 10 INSTALLED RECENTLY AND IN DOING SO I'VE LOST MY alveo icon so i've not be able to log in and trade help !!!!



There is a magnifying glass on the lower left. Type "Alveo". Then, right-click and "Pin to Task bar".

Alveo Shortcut.JPG