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Logging into mettings with ZOOM

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Logging into mettings with ZOOM

I have problems using Zoom.  Can not log into meetings. what is the secret to get Zoom to work for me??

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 4:08pm

Some times the issue is not having the updated Zoom software on your system. What should happen is when you attempt to access the class through the calendar under the Community tab it will attempt to download the new software (many times it will just automatically do this). Then you will get a message in your browser like this "After download completes, run Zoom, then enter your meeting ID 93181770738 to join meeting" Depending on what operating system you are using, I will assume that it is Windows so you will go to the Downloads are in your file manager and launch the Zoom "Application" (sometimes this has to have you be the administrator because it is installing Zoom on the computer. You will then receive a message that will ask you if you want to open the link with Zoom (if it is already installed) and you will open it and it will take a minute or two depending on your computer and the classroom will open and you are there... However, if you are using your phone to access the class then the above will not help, there is a different way to do that...If you are unable to access Zoom after this you can either contact support or message me and I will help walk you through and help you work around any issues... Yes, I have and still work in I.T. with one of my companies so feel free to message me, I will not charge you for this :D


I am unable to get on any recorded meetings. I click on the arrow and it just turns indefinitely, using either Firefox or Chrome. Any help will be appreciated, since calling Apiary results in only recordings from them.

Leo in Huronia

Hello Ron,

I've had the same thing happen. Look above the video window and you should see a chain link symbol. Try that, it's been working for me. Nothing else seems to work reliably, even with Zoom installed on my computer. Not sure if it's a right or left click, but if you play with it you should end up watching your video.