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If this trading doesn't want to make you scream and wqant to shoot yourself, it will definitely make you laugh! 


I placed a sell limit this morning on the EUR/USD with a 15pip SL and a TP of 50, trying to get my 50 done in Silver II, It's been running all day, I get home this evening and I am at 35pips, so I go to the kitchen to clean it up before dinner and I look and what do I see...a blue candle shooting down,  I get closer and noticed my order has closed I'm all excited I look at my pips today FREAKIN 49.50 somehow it closed a .50 pip below the 50!!!!!


Well I made 49.50 pips pretty much doing nothing today, except playing golf of course LOL


Tue, 03/08/2016 - 9:46pm

Probably slippage


Come on Jim...... before you head out to the green, put one more order in - but set your variables for a one pip profit. Make a decent choice and you'll be in Silver III by the 9th hole. I'll save you a seat........... and BTW, you'll probably find Silver III a lot easier than Silver II (At least, I'm finding it easier).


Jim, 49.5 pips and a game of golf! Sounds pretty good to me! I always add a few pips to my targets to cover any slippage. Those type of things sure do try our patience. Hang in there, buddy! (Oh, I think Trader-Gator is right......Silver 3 did seem easier. )


Yeah I talked to support and they said it was probably slippage. Oh well live and learn, and I am right with ya Gator be there soon =)

I'll be adding the extra pip to my code =)


That happens, all the time. It's sometimes better to exit the market before the week-end. Because... "Nobody knows, what's gonna happen tomorrow" :-)