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Mac Book running windows with Alveo

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Mac Book running windows with Alveo

Im looking at purchasing a new Trading computer. Has anyone traded Alveo on mac running windows? Would like your thoughts.
Thank you,

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 1:11pm

Alveo only runs in Windows. :/ You could run it on your Mac Book via VM with Windows.


I use alveo on an iMac with parallels and win8.1 no problems as long as you have enough memory . I am maxed out at 16 gig of ram with 8 devoted to mac side. I would buy another mac if I needed a new computer. All my problems are always on the window side. Hope this is helpful .

Wyoming SuperPIP

Hello again Colt,
I run a Mac with the parallels app as well and it works just fine. You do need to expand your memory allocation in your settings though. Happy Pipping!!! :-)


I also have a Macbook Pro. I used to install Windows via bootcamp, but was running it through Parallels since it was too much hassle to reboot. Now I realized that simply installing Windows 10 on Parallels is sufficient for Alveo (which is like the only software I have that requires windows)

Thanks for the Responses guys. This really helps.


This has been helpful. I'm looking at getting an iMac early 2017. My PC is turning 4 next year, which is an automatic update for me. Thanks!


I'm using an older iMac (2011) with a 512 video card and 16 gigs of ram. Even though its an older machine, Alveo seems to work well with Parallels 11 and Windows 10. The high resolution 27 inch screen is pretty nice.

Hope it helps,


I got a MAC, run parallels with windows 7, works well for me.


i have a mac laptop and use a vm hosted in nyc ( and use microsoft remote connection to connect to the vm. works great.


I'm using MacBook Pro with VMware Fusion for more than a year. No problems so far.


I'm running Oracle VirtualBox on my iMac, which has worked well for me.


As long as you meet the Alveo system requirements stated in the Alveo software page, it doesn't matter whether you are using Mac (that runs Windows) or a normal PC to run Alveo. I have used an Unibody Macbook 2009 model that runs Windows via bootcamp to run Alveo, it works perfectly.

Anil K

I am running it on my MacBook Pro with Parallels Desktop with 4 GB allocated and it seems fine. If you have a MacBookPro then I would strongly recommend an external monitor to view it on a bigger screen. You can also use OS X Desktop feature to assigne one of the MacBook desktops to Parallels so it can remain open in the background.


I use two monitors with my iMac. Regardless if I use Bootcamp or WM Ware to run Windows it is useful to have the Apiary web site on the external monitor and Windows on my iMac screen. Using VMWare allows me to run Mac programs using one monitor and Alveo and other Windows software on MacOS. Alveo is very responsive on the Mac.

If you use a laptop I also highly recommend attaching a large external monitor to view Alveo as it allows more detail on the screen and that helps trading.


I use a late 2013 imac 27", 24 GB Ram with 2 external monitors. Virtualbox for windows/Alveo runs on 1 monitor, use the other 2 for other charting software (TOS runs native on mac) and skype, apiary forum, etc..... Use 2011 Macbook pro 16 GB and 512 GB SSD with virtualbox for Alveo. Use the virtual desktop to scroll back and forth between the VM and Mac screen. No problems on either machine. Would like to use air play on my Macbook to put trade screen on my TV via apple tv box.


I have a Mac Mini running Parallels with Windows XP. I started out using Alveo on this setup. It worked just fine until a certain Alveo update at which point it no longer works.

Here's what I did in lieu of buying a Windows computer. I had purchased a WinBook 10 inch tablet for $60 a couple years prior, with Windows 8.1 already installed. I never used it. I actually bought it only because it came with a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office, which I needed for a project at the time, and it was going to cost $120. So I saved $60 and ended up with a free tablet.

So I installed TeamViewer (free download) onto the tablet, and on a MacBook Air. So Alveo is running on the tablet, and it sits on the floor next to my recliner. But I'm accessing it from the laptop over wifi. Normally I'm in my recliner when I'm "working." But I can take the laptop anywhere, kitchen table, front porch, wherever and do my trading.

And I do have Apple TV, so whenever I feel like it, I use Airplay and throw it up onto the 50 inch HDTV, and have Alveo running full screen.

I do have a mouse attached to the tablet so if I encounter any issues with the TeamViewer connection, I can login directly to resolve it.

Recently flew to Tucson to visit my sister. I took my WinBook tablet and my laptop. I was able to roam around the house and the porch, same as at home. But all I did was get slaughtered on pips, since I wasn't really concentrating. ;-)


Nice set up Brian: excellent idea. I like the idea of dedicated portability. I will look into a cheap winbook myself.


Has anyone run Alveo using Wine on a Mac? I would like to try that option?


Hi Steve I run Alveo on my Mac using Parallels and I have experienced lots of issues. I am now considering either purchasing a windows computer or upgrading to the Mac compatible version of Alveo hope this helps.


So, Apiary funds only uses the Alveo platform? This is terribly difficult and too much work. Is there any other way to get setup for trading with them?



yes, is the only way, and with practice you don't even think about it.

like anything else, we just learn to use to use it.

I personally do not own a MacBook, but I know there is different options.

if you get in touch with apiary support, they will help you with the process choosing the right option for you .

hope this helps.


Whatever you use, make sure you have enough memory and speed if you intend to scalp. My biggest losses have come from technical glitches and computer hangups.


I also run a Macbook Pro with a second monitor and use Virtual Box to run Windows 7 and don't have any issues.