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MacBook Pro -- Blank White Screen since 2016 -- Repaired, and Running Alveo


MacBook Pro -- Blank White Screen since 2016 -- Repaired, and Running Alveo

Some people take in "rescue dogs" -- that is, take in abandoned dogs -- and care for them and nurse them back to health.

I take in "rescue computers" -- repair them and get them running again.  (My Wife hates this as she doesn't appreciate the vintage tech and hates clutter.)

This MacBook Pro was built in 2011, and was used by a university grad student.  The operating system is Mac OS X version 10.6.8, running on a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7, and filled to the brim with 16 GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory.  

Parallels and Bootcamp are also included, as well as Windows 7.

Before joining Apiary, I had been happily using Linux.  Borrowed a Laptop (Windows 10) to get started, but had to return the laptop.

Fortunately, this old MacBook Pro was repairable, and Alveo usually works well.  

Sometimes response is a little slow.  And I've been getting the orange bar (top of Alveo window) several times per day this week, as well as last week -- hopefully, that is just due to data feed and order flow not keeping up with high-impact news releases.

Here is the rescue-computer in action:

     See attachment: AlveoFullscreenInWindow7onMac_2018-09-11.png

Windows 7 is running, and Alveo is full-screen.  Can run okay with this one screen, but I do have another 1440x900 LCD monitor (found in working condition in a thrift store).  I just need to get an adapter for Apple's Mini DisplayPort ("Thunderbolt") to DVI cable, or VGA cable.


Some details on the repair of this MacBook Pro:

  •     Problem:

Blank white screen when booting up (into Mac OS X), or blank blue screen when booting into Windows 7.

  •     Blank White Screen

Was able to tweak the Mac bootup code to fix the blank white screen.  Here is a link to discussion about this problem.   Link takes you to that first comment.)

I used a modified version of the work-around given in the first comment.  

The primary modification I made was to substitute ATI for AMD in the scripts.

  •     Blank Blue Screen

Was not able to find a fix.  So I always boot as a Mac, and run Parallels, Windows 7, and Alveo through the Mac.  Let the Mac handle the overheated GPU problem.

AlveoFullscreenInWindow7onMac_2018-09-11.png1.41 MB
Tue, 09/11/2018 - 6:06pm