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Wyoming SuperPIP


Hello fellow Bees,

Is anyone running Parallels that could assist me in getting my network fixed PLEASE? I have internet connection on the Mac side of my computer however I have been unable to connect through the Parallels side which is making me unable to connect to ALVEO. I have searched the internet for assistance on my settings and am getting frustrated because everything so far that I have tried has been unsuccesful. It was working fine before i just dont understand what happened........ Please help!  TIA

my email is

Jeff Kallstrom

Thu, 10/15/2015 - 11:04am

I gave up on parallels for mac..... I use a program called virtual box, and its free. , download the one for OSX hosts...... follow the prompts and done. I run windows 10 and have (2) windows 7 VM's running on my mac.


What have you tried?

What changed in your guest and/or host environments since Alveo was working?

If the network interface (in the virtual Windows session) is up, then try to ping the host; and try to ping the guest from within the host environment.

Bob G.

I have never had a problem as you describe. I am on an iMac running Parallels 10 and maxed out the ram and it runs great. I always get connected to the internet fine. I am no wiz but that has be seamless. Wonder if your missing a choice on set up?

Good luck


I first installed windows using bootcamp. the bootcamp helper will install necessary drivers for your mac to run windows, presumably including network drivers. then, i install and run parallels from the existing bootcamp

FMC Trader

I use VMWare Fusion and have had great success. You can run Windows and Mac OSX at the same time.


Hi Jeff,

I also gave up on running Alveo on my mac. I finally went and bought a cheap pc to run it on. Rainman, I will have to check out the website you suggested Thanks! I would love to be able to get it on my mac laptop,


I have been running lave on my mac since day 1 it wasn't bad with 1g of ram designated to windows side but when I maxed out my ram to 16g and designated 8 to windows it was a great improvement and I have very few problems .....none that I can blame on the mac. I am using parallels BTW


I have 16GB in the imac and give 4GB to each Windows 7 machine. My imac is a 27" and run 2 more 24" screen with it. Run 1 24 with windows with Alveo, run second 24 with another windows with MT4. Leave imac 27 for all the rest. I have a 3rd VM with windows 10 with Alveo... but its just to test with for now. I would run it in place of my Alveo/windows 7 VM


All with the free software called virtual box


I run parallels on MacBook Pro with 8 GB on windows 7. Alveo runs fine although more memory would run quicker. I had to spend some time making sure that network settings were set up correctly on Parallels. Need to go under Devices and make sure that wireless router is connected under network 1 & bridged. I hope this helps.

Jonny B

Hello Mac people. I'm considering purchasing an iMac - really need to upgrade from my older pc laptop. If you put Windows 10 on your mac through any of the above methods (boot camp, parallels, virtualbox,etc.) do you still need to use the Apiary VPS? Thanks for any help!


I use a mac with parallels and win 8.1 with no problems and no vps I plan to get win 10 but it requires a newer ver of parallels so I'm holding off for a bit. the main thing in a new purchase is to max out your ram at least 16 gb


No VPS is necessary if you use a VM (Qemu is my preferred VM). :)

Norm's recommendation for physical RAM is good, and I'll assert that you should be able to dedicate at least 8GB to the VM when running Alveo--especially if you intend to load lots of indicators, EAs, etc on multiple charts.


I think the best solutions are either dual boot your Mac, or run Alveo and MT4 on a Windows VPS or dedicated server, and manage it via Microsoft's RDP (available on Mac)

I have used a dedicated server for all my trading for well over 10 years. (I am heavily automated, and frequently spend time in dodgy internet areas, and need 100% up-time). My machine is in a professional data centre in Phoenix, whilst I flit between Thailand, Australia and the UK. My current server is a 16GB i7 Quad core running Windows Server (brilliant machine!) - all for around $100 per month. My home machine is a dual screen iMac. When on the road I use a MacBook Air to manage the server.

Jonny B

Leaning back to buying a windows 10 machine, since I don't need a computer for any of Apple's traditionally strong applications, i.e., graphics, music or video editing, or whatever. I need windows apps for trading. Maybe I'll get a 2 in 1 laptop/tablet for portability and hook up a larger monitor or 2 as needed.