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Made it to Silver III

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Made it to Silver III

Made it to Silver III today! Silver II was by far the most interesting challenge to date!

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 2:52am

Well done mate!! Brilliant


Well done! I'm struggling to find the "interesting" part of Silver2! Have lots to learn. Was kicked off last night by the Kiwi-energy...for a full month! Was trying to get the 100 pips in one go.


Congratulations :-)


Congrats!! I found silver 2 to be the hardest . Smooth sailing from here.


Got to agree with norm, it took me weeks longer than expected to get through Silver 2. Congratulations!


Congrats!! I can back Norm on this too, from here it's much easier compared to silver 2.


As per Norm Pip and cpek Silver II , was by far the hardest, took me I believe 3 to 4 weeks. Cruised through Silver III taking two weeks awaiting the two trades per week for two weeks.So congratulations on your achievement. I am sure we will soon see you in Gold I and beyond.


still struggling with silver 2, now i cant seem to be getting the 5 trades in a row with 10 pips each after a loss, any advice on how to achieve that would be appreciated


Congratulations! I can't wait to get there!


hi brethenson2, it took me a while too for a few more weeks to achieve that requirement. its some kind of a challenge especially when Alveo was down for a couple of times when I was on that level. Just plan your trades and take a fewer lots if you have to and take a break also if trades are not going your way. We don't need to force ourselves into the market, we just have to be in rhyme with it.

Happy trading!


Congrats! Hope to be through Silver 2 very shortly myself


Congrats! I'm trying to get the 5 trades with profit for 5 days.


Way to GO !!!

Keep on rollin'


Congrats I'm working silver II now hopefully be finished next week.


Congrats, and both Silver I and Silver II pulled me way out of my comfort zone and I learned a lot of lessons.


Congrats all who made Silver and Gold. I just got in Silver and most of them telling that Silver 2 is a real test. Just waiting to face it.


Kind of comforting seeing these comments. Struggling with the last five profitable days in a row challenge. Have completed often four out of five, then bounce back to one out of five.

Now I am possibly - 20 pip loss limitation also. Set back for a month?

Any suggestions for five profitable days in a row?


Congrats! I'm trying to get the 5 Days with 5 Trades.


congratulations, good luck for the continuation




Congrats, Silver II is a bit of a challenge.


All done with Silver II but for the 100 pips in 1 day. Got to 80 pips with the additional 20 pips coming 1 and 1/2 hours too late on Thursday. Today (Friday) not doing as well. Will try again Sunday at the open. After completing Silver II I think I will take some time off and go fly my plane. Been hard at it since I joined.


chaffcombe17 I agree with you with regards to silver level 2. I just got past it last night and that level kick my butt for awhile


Well done BudWiser! Silver III is a walk in the park by comparison, but it does take two weeks. See you at Gold!

alan: you'll have a bit of time to fly when you get to Silver III. BTW have you read Richard Bach's Travels with Puff. Beautiful book all private pilots should read!

And many thanks to everyone who said nice things! Good trading to all!


Congratulations on making it to Silver III. See you at Gold soon.


chaffcombe17: Haven't read that one but I did read "Spirit of Saint Louis".




alan: thanks, I'll get it next time I make a physical order at Amazon


Hi chaffcombe17
Made it to silver 3 today, thanks for your tips in silver 2, these furums are a great place to lean from everyone's experience, I never traded before last month and reading the forums where traders share their experience both good and bad has been very helpful to me.


I think anything above Silver 2 is challenging for short term trader as you need to maintain both average win and number of wins. For long term position trader the only disadvantage is number of trades to meet the requirement.

Carry on mate every stage would be learning. My advice would be forget about the tasks and concentrate on making a profitable strategy.


Derek: Brilliant; well done! Judging by the speed in which you got here, I should probably be taking tips from you!

But a little bit more seriously, I would echo madaneeraj's words. You have done quite a few transactions, and learned a trick or two; now it is time to be honing your profit making skills.

See you at Gold!


Thank you and as it goes in the forums, sharing is caring...


Congratulation. Seeing others reaching theirs goals is encouraging to me to others who haven't been that far yet.


Congrats com/chaffcombe17, and Derek in graduating to SIlver III. Silver II by design takes you out of your comfort zone to test your mind. It was exhillerating for me when I made the grade.

Although I found Silver II the most challenging level so far I completed that in about two months compared to three for Gold I. I think it comes down to making fewer mistakes. I thought Gold I was going to be easy and tried rushing through it in the beginning. That was my downfall. The rest of the time was spent in recovery mode.

My advice is to be patient. Wait for the right conditions to arrive before making your trades. Off course you must maaintain the minimum trades required each week, but still pick the ones that indicate a higher probability for success. Then keep to your trading strategy.

All the best everyone!


This is week 4 for me being in Silver II and hoping to advance to Silver III. All I need are those 100 pips in one day. Got my fingers crossed.


Congratulations on making it to Silver III.

Made it to Silver III today. Took about two days to complete, Friday and Sunday. Woke up this morning and I was Silver III.

Made a 190 pips scalping the EUR/USD for two hours this Morning.




Well done dan! You the second person here that I know who did Silver II in record breaking time, but wasn't there a 5 day task is Silver II?


As they say in the sub force BRAVO ZULU. I have 11 more trades to go to move to silver II. Hopefully it will be today.




any insights from those who have passed.
Just started yesterday.


Its done. Holy moly!!!! If I was a skeptic one would think that silver II is design to separate the wheat from the shaft. Okay :) one step at a time.


good job man

Gene Branson

I'm at the Silver II requirement of "Maintain win greater than loss on 20 trades, must maintain throughout Silver II" - what does that mean ? and how do I do it ?

Gene Branson

I'm at the Silver II requirement of "Maintain win greater than loss on 20 trades, must maintain throughout Silver II" - what does that mean ? and how do I do it ?


Congratulations! Keep going and don't give up on yourself!



Say you place 20 trades. Document all your wins in those trades, the same for losses. Average out your wins and average out your losses. If you come out positive then you should clear it no problem.
Just keep at it, don't let the losers run. If this is still not clear I'd be happy to translate my wordings.



Still working on Silver II myself, just need 5 profitable days in a row. Four to go!!




Congrats on Gold 1. That's for sure record breaking speed!


Big Congratulations to you !!


Thank you guys! Now the real fun and games start.

For those not quite here yet, in Gold I we seem to be able to do almost anything we like - we just have to be profitable, with positive stats, for a month! Oh, well - it had to happen! :-)

Well done! At Silver 1 myself and finding the adjustment to longer trades and bigger profits a bit of a challenge.


I am getting killed on Silver 2. The tactics that worked for me up to and during Silver 1 are not working on Silver 2, and the gains and advances I made during Silver 1 are being erroded away. My ratios are also erroding away. So frustrating. Sad thing is, there's no emoticon for mad or frustrated... :(

Just trying to think what the point of it is. My game has been completely thrown off...


Squawk! Yes, sometimes if feels like we are performing animals at the circus going through these levels, doesn't it! But really, don't stress too much.

You can dig a hole as big as you like in any of the Silver levels and still get through based upon on your last set of trades (from memory things like Average Win > Average Loss are based on last 10 winners and losers on Silver II). Just note what works for you and what doesn't for future reference - that's really the lesson to learn here. And as I said above, in Gold 1 you can trade anyway you like, provided you are profitable.

Finally if you are feeling frustrated, take this 'brexit' week off and go the beach (or whatever works for you). This week is likely to mess a lot of traders around, and I am not sure there will be a lot of lessons to learn, except for knowing when we should sit on our hands!


Thank you for the words of encouragement, Chaffcombe!

I think the Brexit phenomenon defintely has something to do with it as well. The timing for me to come into Silver 2 at the beginning of last week couldn't be more perfect, lol.

I've been considering taking this week off, or maybe just using my non-Silver demo account. That is a form of money management too, afterall. Like you said, that may be the lesson to learn.

But, the opportunities will be fantastic during this period of volatility - at least if I use my old account, I can practice during this unique environment while not putting the account that now counts at risk.

Thanks again! I felt so confident after Silver 1, only to be humbled by the market this past week. It was a good reminder.

Great to hear from someone who's been through all this and has forged on ahead. It's encouraging.


Your'e welcome - don't forget you can open a completely new simulated account at the bottom of the Alveo/File/Manage Account menu item.


Congrats on making to Gold 1 Chaff... : )


Congrats chaff! I should be there shortly if all goes well :)


Congrats to all who finish Silver 2.


Thanks. I finished a few minutes ago. On to Silver III.


Well done, Lee!


me too!!! it is fun learning as we grow


Brilliant, liquid! Great!

BC - momentum

What is the best advice to complete silver II? I just entered this level II.


Wait for the dust to settle on Brexit
Trade small
Set your stop loss to 15 and use on all trades
Make 5 days with 5 trades your first priority
Do the other tasks when that is done, or for days when you know you will break your sequence
Try to group tasks, so doing one thing, achieves others.
Plan your actions and have fun!

BC - momentum

Thanks Chaffcomb17
Since the weekend breaks the sequence I was going to try to hit some 10 & 20 pip trades. Then on Monday go after the 5 day challenge. I also found on Silver I that I could do a Friday trade with a 20+pip target and have it close on when the market opens on Sunday.


Thanks to everyone for the helpful hints. I am taking these tasks literally, trying to think of creative ways to accomplish each goal, and not necessarily trading in ways that I think would make sense in the "real world". Getting way outside of my comfort zone and learning a lot in the process, including some new concepts I will definitely apply to real world trading.


Great collection of thoughts from SILVER III entrants! I just made it to SILVER III. Took a little longer than I thought. Trouble with me is, as usual, often I try to make task harder than what it is. I think Michael is right! Try to be creative... and you will get done.

I also want to thank you a number of people who came thru' at critical times. Help is deeply appreciated!




BC - I don't think the 5 days requirement is disrupted by weekends in Silver III, and neither do you need to trade every day. You just must not have any daily losses in the middle.

michaelj; I agree with you 100%. Congrats on getting this far


agree, I stay in silver 2 for awhile, finally made it


Here is an interesting situation. Something you should plan for. The following is a copy of Emails to and from support.

Subsailor 629
Jul 1, 06:50 MDT

When does the time end for a specific achievement? I.E. lets say you are working on 5 days with profit in a row, you completed 4 of them and at 2359/0000 GMT of 5th day banked over 200 pips for the last day. According to the achievement list this was the last task.If you are using GMT as the closing time for individual task then technically you would fulfil all requirements to move to the next level.This was my standing at the close of 06/30/2016 GMT. I did traded after that time thinking I had moved to silver III. This morning I see that I'm still in silver II with 4/5 wins open and also Average Win > Average Loss is vacant (it had showed 6/30/16 as completed. My question is where do I stand based on closing time GMT?

Lukas (Apiary Fund)
Jul 1, 09:02 MDT


After looking at your trading statistics, I show a negative profit for the 30th. The trades that made the account drop negative I have as 253, 270, and 271. These three trades just in themselves are responsible for over $342 in loss. These three along with a few other losses resulted in more than the profit you'd made for that day.of 6/


I then asked him about close out time of an achievement. His reply was GMT.

I then ask them to check out Alveo's Order History Page it clearly shows close on the trades were on 7/1/16.

Its been over 2 hours and still no reply. It is important to know the closeout time. I used GMT it to help get through SL II.

. It appears they have a hole between Apiary Funds Stats page and Alveo's History page. I was hoping to announce my entry into silver III.



From personal experience, it works like this.

The trading day is defined by the GMT clock. When GMT moves from 23:59 to 00:00 daily stats are reset, and daily accomplishments are ticked off, or at a minimum, finalised.

There is a partial exception to this on tasks such as the one you describe. If you have completed 4/5 profitable days, and then your first trade of the 5th day is profitable, you may find this task gets ticked off real-time. It certainly does if it is the last task you need to move up a level.

As I say this a personal observation, which by it's nature cannot be conclusive or definitive.

BTW on a related subject, tasks like 'Bee active for three 3 weeks, 3 trades per week' can take many hours to register as completed on Apiary's stats. Somethings look like periodic batch jobs.


I sure hope they get it straightened out.


Day 3 and still responce on status. Did have a short conversation with Lukas Friday afternoon and he advised all the paper work was sent to some department to make call. To me it looks like a no brainer. The facts speak for themselves. Hoping the delay is because of the holiday and not because it set in someones in basket. Saw a lot of things like that when I worked in corporate American.


@subsailor629......Actually......Apairy lost my "paper work" once so.....just keep checking on it!

Let's Trade!


Thanks olhickory I might be wrong but I sense in some of your posts you have respect for vets,,,as someone who spent 22 years in the navy (2 tours Viet Nam), I and those who didn't come home, appreciate it. Bravo Zulu


Day 4. Nothing happening. Tomorrow should be the day for Silver III.


Day 5 and support served up a plate of crow. Meats kind of tough but its those feathers that choke you. Looks like its 5 days 5 trade so here goes one more time. Got 12 trades in today before lunch 210 pips. Have to find out how they handle a 4 day week? Sunday is a really really short day. The journey continues.


Okay now know (By reading the description) what 5 days mean so Sunday not an issue.


Congrat, In am 99% there too.


Only need to finish up on monday for final day of of the fives. I could be in the III club Tuesday. :)


skoyenlyl please excuse my bad manners for not congrats on your 99% What have you got left to check off?


Subsailor - Alveo time is in UTC/GMT, and a "day" in Alveo resets at 0:00 (midnight) GMT.

If you are in the EDT Timezone, like me, this would be 8pm your time. A day for you, then, is between 8pm today and 8pm tomorrow. I used this to my advantage sometimes, as I have a day job and can't really trade while I'm at work. So, for example, I traded last night during the Asian session, had a rough time, but managed to net 77 pips before I had to go to bed (even though I sometimes do it, I wasn't willing to stay up until 4 AM after the European and UK opens when more liquidity and volatility comes into the market). I was aiming for the 100 pips in a day goal. Howwever, when I got home from work today at 6pm, there were some opportunities during the Sydney open, in which I was able to extract a good chunck of pips, and blew threw the 100 pips in a day goal. Then, at 8pm, the "Pips Today" box in Alveo reset to 0, and I was on to something else.

So, Sunday might be a short day, because for us the market opens at 5pm, but really, you've got 'til Monday evening to get 'er done!

I just finished Silver 2 tonight. Sounds like you and skoyeniyi will be there soon too.

Good luck!


Chaffcombe - I really enjoyed this flying book by Richard Bach -


That's brilliant squawk! Thanks for sharing that!

I used to fly hang-gliders - actually pretty seriously - alpine (off mountains), coastal (off cliffs) and cross-country (in the wheat belt in Australia where you get towed up, just like a sailplane). However, in the middle of all of that and after I had read Richard Bach, I decided I had to get my private pilots licence, and I ended up at a flight school in Malden, Missouri. Flew solo in and out of 13 different states while was there, and had the time of my life!

Richard Bach brings so much passion to being self-reliant, and of living ones life in accordance to ones own terms and dreams, that I can genuinely say his books have not so much changed me, but given me a foundation I don't think I had before. I'd recommend him to any trader, or any aspiring adventurer or non-conformist.


I'm very excited, I just made it to SilverIII. Commenting here as one of my last SilverII requirements.

Golfer Bill

Congrats on Silver III. You must be a magician. To complete some of the tasks in 2 with Alveo's performance issues is quite an accomplishment. I've now been unable to trade for 23 minutes. Alveo updates every 40 seconds or so, but unable to place and manage trades. I wouldn't trade my money with on a platform as poor performing as Alveo!!!!!! . . Yes, I'm pissed!


Golfer thank you. I agree about not using your money on a poor performing platform as Alveo. But, I usually have my trades set up in advance waiting for price to react to a major S/R Level. Usually works out well.

On another note, the Idea is to use Apiary's funds while trading on Alveo not your own (but I know you knew that already).

Happy Pipping to you Golfer Bill.


Great!!!!..........That is awesome. Congrats to you on getting to Silver III. Today was a great day for myself as well. I have finally made it to Silver II. I am very excited as well. So much so, I am going to stop trading today just to enjoy it. I have made really nice gains in all 3 accounts today........all on Alveo platform so far. My original account............wins vs losses - green: Avg Win vs Avg Loss - green, Greatest loss less than 2% - green. All around good day.


Congrats Jeff !!


Congrats squawk/Pip/Jeff Bravo Zulu. squawk you trade a lot like I do. I am in the EDT zone and the way I've traded the 5 on 5 is to fill the day's requirement is have them in the bag by 11 pm. Last night it took me until 1 am. will coast today and mow the lawn (17 acres). Love using Sunday night for Mondays. Hope to see level III 2359/0000 GMT Monday night.


Congrats. I just made it to Silver III today also. Silver II was a challenge.


Keep up the good work


I am now in Silver 3. Worth the effort!!!


Way to go skoyenlyl. hope to join you next week


Congrats I'm almost done too


Congratulations to the Silvers. Getting ready to go reach the Gold my self, hopefully sooner than later.


Congrats! Silver111!

I got Silver 1 for a week but still not understand the requirement of 5-5-5, 15-5-60, 25-5-24.

Pls. explain what they mean and how to achieve them.



@rchow re: 5-5-5, 15-5-60, 25-5-24


X= pips required
Y= number of trades
Z= minimum time in trade ( 5 min, 60 min, 24 hrs)

Make sure to compare your fill time with the GMT time before closing, especially on the minimum 24 hr trade.

Also watch out for slippage, you don't want to be a the time goal over 24 hours and end up being 0.5 pips short. Once your 24 hour 25 + pips are met, set your stop loss at 27 pips and follow it up to maximize your profits.

Good luck!


made it to silver 3 myself on Friday. That was a tough one


Hurray made III at 12:57 am xxx going to bed.


nice going sailor, this is my last post before I too get to silver 3. I see gold!


Welcome aboard mate. Onwards and upwards.


Congrats to all that made it




Congrats, Silver II was my hardest challenge to date.


I have only 1 last requirement to finish before moving to Gold I. Doing the last 2 days with trades (finished 1/2) . Plan on using Sunday evening to complete 2/2. Will do 1 trade before 2359 GMT then do the other before 2200 EDT. For all working on Silver II take heart Silver III can be done from a Sunday to Sunday. See all you Goldies Monday. Remember only dive on a green board.


I figured that out too, subsailor! - Got promoted to Gold I today... see you in the ranks next week!


Bravo Zulu squawk.


Hello, Beehive!

I achieved Silver III this week, as well. Silver II was the tough, and took more time than any other level.


Congratulations to all. I hope I will know what you are talking about and be able to join you pretty soon.


congratulations to you all. I'm following your footsteps, how so encouraging!

I made it to Silver 2 last week and have moved pretty quickly through most of the tasks. I still have to complete 100 pips i none day, make 20 pips on 3 separate trades and 50 pips on 1 single trade.
Nearly got there yesterday on the USD/JPY but I got stopped out even though teh price continued downward and reached my target of 100.
I have set my stop loss low at 15 to avoid the 20 pip loss "potential".
Can anyone help me on my understanding of loss "potential".

I understand that it means that if a trade goes below 20 pips loss at any stage, irrespective of final outcome, then you fail and are set back for a month? I have already passed this task and do not want it to be clawed back.

Is my understanding correct or is the word "potential" being misused and perhaps should read "actual" loss.

Would like to hear your comments as it is costing me pips and dollars.


Start Trading 2 days ago. have clock in 1170 pips. How many pips do you need to make before going to next level.


Denis - I think it means actual - pm me and I'll tell you why ! BTW does anyone know how to scale out of a trade? The platform always tells me that position 'cannot be modified once entered' yet people often talk about taking part of their profit? I've asked this a number of times and never got an answer


philphua, its all about consistency, keep it up !! :)



What I did to scale out a trade is to enter 2 or 3 positions depending on my style of trading setup presented itself. For example, I sold short one position with 2:1 target and another one with a HTF target for a short-term swing trade setup. Both entries had the same entry and stop loss but different targets as you can see on the NZDJPY. Once a 1st target is achieved, a stop loss is moved to breakeven.

You can also manage your trades, but you have to enter 2-3 positions. I sometimes break down 2% into 3 positions and place 3 trades. I usually use 1% per trade for my long-term swing trade. As you can see on a 3rd chart below with the texts written I managed a scale out a trade with 3 positions--all has the same entry and stop loss but different targets. The same thing applied here, all stop losses are moved to breakeven once a 1st target is achieved, and then a 2nd and a 3rd target are managed based on a swing high after each new swing low is created until either stop out or profits are taken.

You have to be consistent of what you do. I usually use a 2-targets for a short-term swing trade and 3-targets--the manage trades style for a long-term swing trade. However, if I don't want to manage my long-term swing trade, I just use a 2-targets instead. As you can see on the 4th chart.

Hope this helps,

nzdjpy.jpg nzdjpy3.jpg Managing trades.jpg 4hr eurusd.jpg

I agree with Sokha on scaling. I had the same message when I first tried to amend a trade that had triggered. I then realised that once the trade has triggered a contract exists which cannot be amended.

In order to achieve some of the tasks that required multiple trades, I have entered up to 10 trades at a time with a view to either cut or amend targets and stop losses. Looking at some of Shawn's techniques this is what I believe is meant by scaling. You could also consider stacking the buy stops or sell stops.

This can help with risk management but needs to be managed from a stop loss perspective. The idea is to achieve profit as quickly as possible on some of the lower targets to cover potential losses and then you are free as regards risk.


congrats on making it to silver iii. silver 3 is easier than silver 2


Thanks Dave for your advise


Congrats to all who achieved last week, hoping this week will throw out more achievements.


The clock is ticking down to 5pm and Gold I is staring me in the face. :)

Jonny B

Aye aye subsailor. And I've got Silver II staring down at me ;)

Jonny B

Aye aye subsailor. And I've got Silver II staring down at me ;)


jb - frll like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. :)


jb - Sorry how rude of me not giving you a Bravo Zulu. Silver II is the best level. It is interesting and
a challenge, but its also uplifting and a big confidence builder. Remember dont dive unless'you have a green board


Thanks Sokha and Denis for your advice and comments


Great job! A big congrats. I am about to get to Silver III myself - more good challenges ahead


Crap..I don't think I will ever will get to Gold I. Seeing as I made it to Silver III last Monday I will need to do the trade on Tuesday. To meet the 2 trades for week 2. One more day.


If you did two trades last Monday, you should do two more this Monday. However, I have seen delays of up to 14 hours in Apiary acknowledging that these 'x trades per week' tasks have been completed. It must be a background or periodic job.


Thanks chaff but I think the task is having 2 days out of a week traded. I've traded everyday since making Silver III. My thinking is that after 8pm today if I make a trade then it will fill the requirement of the second day of week 2.


My congratulations to all those who have recently graduated to Silver III . I seem to be having a hard time escaping the grasp of Silver II.


Congratulations on moving to the next level, and congratulations to all of you that have progressed to your next levels.


jasu155 - what's holding you up? Can we be of any help?


The Never Ending Story. My 2/2 achievement finally filled but the Avgwin > Avgloss went out. Pulled the win and losses for last 20 trades each and put it on an EXCEL spreadsheet. wins 365.64 pips losers 327.94 pips. Not a great ratio but I believe it meets the requirement. Called support and was advised they would submit a ticket and I should hear something in 2 days. 2 DAYS r u kidding me. After owning a couple of business I am always surprised in how many companies neglect one of the most important aspects of good management...CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Maybe the front office is unaware of what the organization is doing until it eventually starts impacting what they are trying to achieve.

Now that I have vented, on a positive note, this has been the #1 trading experience in my 20+ years of trading. I have 8 strategies that I use in my options account for monthly income. Trading FOREX will soon be my #1 cash generator (that is if I can get through these darn levels). This will make #5 generator.


Holy Moly - Just checked Level III page and Avgwin > Avgloss is now marked as completed, but the 2 day 2 week is showing 1/2.
Looks like I still need to do a trade for tuesday. Great God of trading please let this end. ;(


Here it is 828 pm EDT and checking Silver III accomplishment page now shows 2 day 2 week as completed with Avg win > Avg loss still outstanding. Do tell there is something not in place with the platform. May bee there is some Varroa Mites in the hive. :)


9:31 pm EDT as can be seen a gold badge. Hats off to those backroom guys at support. Big Bravo Zulu.



Thanks for the explanation!

Congrats to all advanced to SilverIII!


I just made it to gold three keep up the good work


Congrats. Goodluck.


Finishing up on Silver ll. Man was that tough. I got a bit erratic. All of my stats are looking good except for Average Win>Average Loss. Got some work to do in that area which means that I have to leave my scalping comfort zone and get into some intermediate to long term trades with bigger lot sizes. Scary!!!


I just need the 100 pips in a day and I'll be done with Silver II.

Apiary Trader

Also working toward Silver III. 5/5 and 50 pips to go.


Silver II really takes you out of your comfort zone, but in a good way. Just have 5/5 and then done!


After close today I will be in Silver II, looking forward to the challenge


Keep at it everyone you can get it done, for me Silver 2 & 3 were the hardest. Especially for me the 5 days in a row kicked my butt, I would get four day's then either the 5th day just wouldn't let me complete it, or it was a holiday or weekend, and Alveo doesn't seem to understand that we couldn't trade if we wanted to, frustrating. I never could figure out why when we couldn't trade for those reasons why it went against us. Finally got through and what a relief it was.

Fast track

Chaff or anyone,
Silver 11, 3rd and 4th down conversion. Inter-pip potential loss. Does this mean inside the trade, or all other trades we might be involved with. Help please