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Made it to Silver III

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Made it to Silver III

Made it to Silver III today! Silver II was by far the most interesting challenge to date!

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 2:52am
Fast track

One time I had made the 4 of 5 in a row and thought I had been stopped out because of the time limitations. I called support regarding another issue and briefly mentioned the issue. It was filled correctly, just call them. It helps


Thank you for the offer of help. What was holding me up was 5days 5 trades, after 3 days I was looking at pips which I thought were adequate, but the profit was 6cents off. So three days were wasted. As of the evening of 7/27, I had completed everything to get silver III.
The beeline didn't recognize that, so I started to make calls. I loved your comment about customer support and offer a strong second.
Around mid day on 7/28 I reached Vilas and gave him the ID numbers of my last 20 trades, he said he'd send in a work order and I should hear by days end. I got an email at 9 PM EDT, which said that my losers exceeded my wins. However, they missed my last trade, a big winner $5.25. I immediately wrote them back and informed them of their mistake. I waited all day Friday for them to respond and they didn't. Its now Saturday and nothing can happen till Monday. I've wasted two days and lost the weekend. So I'm beyond upset. At least I now known that I'm not alone.


jasu155 it is upsetting but in the long run it can be of some benefit. I know that sometimes I get caught up in the race and these moments of pause allow me to step back and think about what I'm doing. Number 1 for me is to come up with a system that I can trade with a high percentage of success. I have stopped looking at the $$$, now it's PIPs. I set a daily and weekly goal.

Big BRAVO ZULU on getting through SL II. SL III will seem easy and before you know it it's GL I.


Silver ll was very challenging.

Rometra Sexton

I too have 5 for 5 left, keeping my head held high though the struggle. The next couple of levels seem to be consistency in our systems cannot wait.


There's more fun to come!!!!


Looking forward to Silver ll's challenges.


Finally made it through Silver II in 4 weeks. Got delayed by a week when my 5th profitable day went south, but achieved it the second time around. Now that I look back and see that I had 9 profitable days in 10, I really feel that I accomplished something. These Beeline goals have been frustrating at times, but once completed they give real confidence and encouragement that my strategies are working! To all of you working Silver II, persistence and patience will pay off.

A special thanks to all on these forums who've gone before us and offered your helpful suggestions. You've all been such tremendous help and encouragement, may you be richly rewarded for the investment that you've made in the rest of us!

Keep Calm
Pip On!!!



Just read the comments on Silver II, having blown 5/5 - Again!
Wanted to express appreciation for the encouragement and help.
The conversation between "jasu" and "subsailor" at month-end was particularly enlightening.
Thank you.


Stick with it, Howard, you'll get it. I thought the task was insurmountable when I first viewed the goal. Every mountain can be climbed, you just have to find your route.


Congratulations! Keep up the great work and never give up on yourself!


I´m so happy, This post is my last requirement for silverII, I admit that many of my trades were strategies to bypass requirements more than real trading approach like hedging on the same pair (I would´n do that on real trading) but I guess it helped me as a trader since it made me look at the market from a different perspective.


I will be there in a couple of posts. I am looking forward to it!


will be at silver 3 today!


Fast track, good question. If you need to have other trades open at the same time as running the challenges then so be it; I would run the conversion tasks and assume that the system can figure it out. To be sure, you would have to call Apiary. Of course, if one of your other open trades gets closed out due to a SL or TP during the conversion task you could have a problem!


Congratulations chaffcombe17!
Hey I'm just finishing Silver 1, does anyone happen to have the Silver 2 task list?


Nevermind, I found it on another forum. Keep pippin,' pippers!


Trying to Finish Silver 2. The comments and encouragement from all in this post are really a great help.


I can understand the frustration on the 5 in 5 took me a couple of weeks as well. Good luck


I finally made it to Silver took almost 6 weeks, but I never gave up!!


Good job Susan, it should get easier for you from here on.


Congratulations to all who are now at silver III, keep up the good work. I hope to be at that level next week.


Thank you SamualC and to all the others for sharing their knowledge and experiences along the way. The encouragement is greatly appreciated!!


More power to your engines. lol...


It means inside that particular trade. But if I remember the trades necessary to achieve this goal, all the trades have to be in a row. But once achieved, the inter-trade potential loss doesn't matter, as long as you never hit that maximum 20 pip loss.


well done,
still struggling on S2, but finishline is already on the horizon, just made 5 day in a row..
S3, her I come...


Well done!


I am in the middle of Silver 2 and have about 50% of it completed. Would someone who is in Silver 3 be willing to post the requirements? I would be interested in seeing these.



Click on "beeline" at the top of the homepage.


Oops...that won't work for you!


Silver III


Thank you so much Susan--appreciate it!! Hopefully I'll be where you're at in a couple of weeks.


Congrats!! No small feat :)


Congratulations all!


Congratulations.. !!

I hope i will crack SILVER 2 soon :)


I also found Silver 2 so challenging so far.


I found Silver 2 easiest Level up to now, I walked through it only 3 days.


lpaviajr, please find Silver 3 requirements.

Silver 3_p2_1.jpg

Now it's my turn to post that with this comment I will have passed the silver 2 and move on to Silver 3. By reading all of your posts, it seems that Silver 2 is the most difficult. Looking forward to advancing to the Gold level.

See you there!!


Congratulations !!

Bill K

3/4 the way through Silver II - good to be able to visit this posts and see other people's thoughts and tips. Nice to see the sense of community.


Silver II was by far the most challenging IMHO so far. I am soon onto Gold - three more trades & I am there


Congratulations, Silver 11 is a challenge but benefical

Pippy and Pipper

Good job!


Congrats to everyone on their accomplishments. Personally, Silver 1 was the most difficult for me. Silver II was easy, two days I was done. I am in Silver III and just have one more task to finish and I am done. I am most worried about the Gold levels, I heard slippage is really really bad and Alveo seems to work against you when trading. Regardless, I am here for the long haul so lets get to it. Good luck everyone.


Sometimes, Market volatility really kicks in to work against you. It is better to watch spread before placing trades.

Topless Trader

Congrats. Just 3 more profitable days and I'll be joining you! But before I get there, have a nice Xmas!


Just started silver 2 and I'm glad i came thru and read these comments


I've found Silver II to be the most challenging so far. I've really enjoyed BeeLine and all the crazy exercises we've had to do. I can definitely see the method through the madness. I know I've grown a lot as a trader because of the Apiary program and I look forward to what's to come. Just need two more profitable days and I should graduate to Silver III....


Made it to Silver lll also, I think I learned quite a bit in Silver ll Silver lll looks quite a bit easier.


I just made Silver III also. Silver II was challenging, but it did help me grow as a trader.


Congratulations! I completed the 50 pip task last night selling the USD/JPY with a 50 pip take-profit and 20 pip stop-loss, and it only took 45 minutes. Very gratifying.


congratulations! Silver II is going quicker than I'd expected.




Looking forward to joining you in Silver III after one more profitable day 5-trade day tomorrow. Congrats all


Congratulations! Silver 1 was challenging for me.


hi guys, yesterday finished silver 2 and now onto silver 3 - seems very doable in 2 weeks right?


Congratulations! I am just starting Silver II. It looks challenging.


Ready to get into Silver II, Silver I was more of a challenge than I expected but got through the real fast trades and the 24 hour trades. Can't wait to see the challenges in Silver II and developing my skills further.


Congrats on your accomplishment!!! I agree that Silver II had challenges, but the discipline is well worth the effort.


just to report I passed Silver 3 in 9 days so it's very doable - even if I had to suffer 5% loss, that the system closed my positions automatically


just to report I passed Silver 3 in 9 days so it's very doable - even if I had to suffer 5% loss, that the system closed my positions automatically


Just finishing up 5 in 5 to complete Silver II. All of the tips are great. Thanks to all who contribute...


Fast Track,

Within those trades make sure the loss doesn't go beyond 3 pips (3rd conversion) or 4 pips (4th conversion). Use the breakout strategy for this. I used USD/JPY and EUR/USD as the spreads are lower compared to others.


Very impressive! Thanks for providing some much needed motivation!


Congratulations to those of you who made it thru Silver II in less than 3 months. I am on my last task (5 days with 5 profitable trades) and just have one day to go. I started Silver II almost 5 MONTHS ago!!! The trick with this level (for me) was figuring out exactly what my trading system is. Yes that's everyone's goal I know. But I have perhaps the worst investor profile there is- analytical with a nasty streak of intuitiveness. For those of you who can just adopt someone else's trading system and get your brain to be fine with it, you probably don't know how lucky you are. Alas, I am always the one who has to make things hard. But my persistence and perseverance has finally led me to my very own trading system that gives me everything I want....and boy does it feel good.
Another thing learned as I've progressed thru the Beeline is that it's very hard to judge at the beginning of a new level which tasks are going to be easy and which are going to give me the most trouble. Some of the ones that I thought would be hard turned out to be fairly easy, and some of the ones I thought would be easy turned out to be the most difficult...until I had that final ah-ha moment which nailed down my system. Rules didn't lead me to my system. My system led me to my rules.
I don't know what's lies ahead in the rest of the Beeline levels but none of them can possibly be more difficult than Silver II. Just don't give up!


Silver 2 - it will be fun


silver one was the hardest so far for me i am almost halfway through silver two on my second day which is a great.


I am trying to make it through the 5 trades 5 days win. any suggestions.


Congratulations you all!






I understood it as any open trades can't have a loss potential greater than.
To avoid a problem, just close out all open trades and focus on these.




I only just got to silver 2 myself yesterday, but it seems I have made some progress on the 5 profitable days with at least 5 trades. I was perhaps fortunate that I was already credited with a few days' progress towards this task at Silver 1 level. It seems a simple enough idea in principle. Today after 4 trades I was just in profit for the day, but botched the 5th trade. Fortunately, I came through on my 6th trade. So I now have 4 days on the trot profitable with at least 5 trades. Each of these were independent. I am trying not to finesse the requirements, but trade naturally within my supposed strategy. On Monday I will attempt my 5th profitable day.

It is worth remarking that in principle you can cheat, it all depends on how seriously you want to take it. For example, for every situation you could open 5 trades, say with 0.01 lots. If it is successful, then you have your 5 trades for the day. To safeguard your situation, you could then walk away from Alveo! Whether you do this, or try a more honest approach depends on how important you think this task is and how urgently you want to complete it. Certainly at Silver 1 level, I was having problems with the 5 trades open for at least 24 hours. I gave up in the end and hedged my last two 25 pip profits.


Congratulations ! Just starting on Silver II


congratulations I'm working on Silver III now


Congrats. Just made it myself, and looking forward to GOLD!!


Almost complete with Silver II myself now. Couple of videos to complete. 5 days in a row with more than 5 days profitable was the focus of this past week. Just completed that task. I must say the very slow markets made it a challenge for me as I truly hate range trading.


made to silver 3 finally ... scrolling down and all of you are in gold now :-) wow!


I have one more day to go to complete the 5 profitable trades per day for 5 days in a row. I'll be on Silver III real soon!


Likewise I now seem to have made it to Silver 3. I just have one task to perform: getting average wins greater than average loss for the last 10 of each. I'm going to cheat on that by opening and immediately closing 3 trades with 0.01 lots! I can't do it today, as I managed 102 pips for the day, trading mostly 10 pip gains or losses. It was a lot of effort to reach 100! I found that to be the most difficult task, and it seems I am not alone in finding Silver 2 a challenge! I will have got to Silver 3 in 3 weeks in the end, and exactly 100 trades, which is not bad bearing in mind the Christmas hols.


I'm nearly out of Silver 3. Was tough over Christmas and New Years.
Now, Bee Social is killing me. :)



I am close to finish my Silver 2.
Waiting for Silver 3.



I think Silver 2 is one of the most challenging units.

However Silver 3 has it's own special moments!!

I believe some of the difficulties in Silver 2 come from the situation where the challenges are not sufficiently explained, the software does not enable you to easily find out where you stand ( particularly with the daily closing balances on the Silver account) and I found it difficult to understand the reasons for some of the tests which seem to require the us to ignore standard risk management procedures.


I was able to complete Silver II in less than 24 hours....35 orders of .01L went over 50 pips each and that took care of most tasks in one move


I believe it's all the trades while you're working on these. Just focus on these and get them done at the same time.
If you work on 3rd down, they'll also qualify for 4th down.
Once you meet the goals for these, they're 'locked' in completed.


high five to all traders working through the levels they are a great tool to get to where the rubber meets the road so to speak happy trading everyone :)


Congrats to you!! I made also Silver III today 5.1.2017

Texas Charli

Finally made it to Silver III. It took me forever to get out of Silver II but I feel like I learned a lot. Silver III seems to be a bit easier though I still struggle with taking smaller winners and letting losers ride too long.


Congratulations my friend


Great Job. I'm in the silver II.


congrats. almost there.


I agree with some of the posters on here that Silver makes you play games that you would not ordinarily implement in trading. I guess the philosophy is to make you try new looks at the market and unbalance you outside comfort zones. In the end I have grown from the challenges, even though at times they don't make sense.


Congrats. I just have a few more posts to make to Silver III. Silver II was by far the hardest. Forced me to trade in situations that I would never conceive of. It definitely brought me out of my comfort zone.


Congrats! Making my way through as well. Hope to be joining you soon!


congrats, it's much easier than Silver 2


Awesome! Congrats!!!!!



Steve J

I'm all through Silver 2(after this post) other than the maintain average win>loss last 10 winners and losers. By my calculations, I'm at $17.12/$5.81 seems like that would fulfill the requirement, any ideas?


Congrats!! Keep going, one day at a time.


Got a feeling Silver 2 is gonna be a winner for me already having my issues~!


Silver II must be some kind of psychology test. It was the hardest by far.


I do 100 pips in a day all the time, but what I want to know is what else do you have to do to get to Silver III ?
I am having trouble doing 5 trades of 3 pips in 3 minutes. It always seems to take longer than 3 minutes. I do have 1 completed.


What's your technique for doing 100 pips in a day all the time?


How many trades does it take to do 100 pips a day?


How many trades does it take to do 100 pips a day?


i did 0ver 500 pips on friday. i worked on short little turns and bends of the movement in the market. a lot of fun. still in silver 1. i need my 25 pips over 24 hrs. it is hard to stay in a trade very long.



I see that you are now in Silver 3, so the comments I have may not matter much. It seems that there is sometimes a big time gap between achieving an objective and recognition of that by the Apiary software. At higher levels it gets more difficult knowing what your average win and average loss are. As you now know, at Silver 3, the average is over 20 wins and losses, while in Gold 1 it is 50 and in Gold 2 it is 100 wins and losses.

I have written to Apiary to see whether they could actually supply us with the very statistics that we need to see whether the task is being achieved instead of the binary yes/no answer. So far that has fallen on deaf ears, but presumably if enough people clamour for these statistics, priorities may change.



Look for a red hot news event on the Forex Factory calendar. Wait until 10 minutes before the news. Place 5 buy stops above the current candle, and 5 sell stops below it. Put them about 5 to 10 pips away from the hi and low so as to not get triggered immediately.

Watch for the movement of price when the news comes out. It should take about 1 minute for the market to react.

Close out your trades as soon as you get the pips.

Good luck.


Good job

Solving Forex

Silver 2 was the most time consuming thus far! Silver 3 looks fairly easy.

Martin R

Hi Fast track

10 profitable trades in a row with no loss of 3 PIPs during the trade
10 profitable trades in a row with no loss of 4 PIPs during the trade.

I put 10 pending orders 0.01 lots at once on a single pair (EURUSD as it has the smallest spread) with a profit target of 1.5 pips and stop loss of 2.5 pips

Also just prior to placing the 10 trades I took a very small loss and got the 5 Recoverable Trades element as well

Did the same for the 10 Pips on 10 trades with no loss of 5 PIPS during the trade (inter trade loss) and again got the 5 Recovery Profit Trades element as well. Suggest to use the EURUSD and set you take profit to 11 pips and if you have had no other losses you can get the 100 pips in 1 day element

Hope this helps


I made it to Silver 3 today I am very happy. It is becoming more real for me every day!


Congratulations! I think Silver 3 is a much better place than Silver 1 and 2 as there are not so many hoops to jump through.


Silver 3 was easy, you'll get thru it quick!

Martin R

I agree I think silver 3 allowed you to trade in your own style and was good prep for Gold 1


Hello willswebservice,

I like your method using forexfactory events. Thank you.


Congrats to everyone who made it to silver III .... This One is a lot easier than silver II . Getting closer to GOLD.....

Andy Adami

Thanks for the encouraging comments. Silver III looks more straightforward.


Good deal I made it to Silver 3 yesterday as well. getting excited!


Just made to Silver 3 !!
Very excited to the Gold levels.
Thanks for all advised and encourage.


I have just entered Silver II and wonder if anyone can explain to me the last task 'Emotitag'. What is this and how do you deal with it?



well by the sounds of all these coments i will have a real challenge getting through silver 2 becasuse i am having trouble with silver 1... only have to get the 50 pips on one trade.... i am a scalper and find it difficult to hold a trade long enough...
please can someone help me....??


I just completed Silver II in less than 3 days. It could have been even earlier but 50 pips on 1 trade took longer. Finally, was able to complete that task with GBP/USD. Now, working through Silver III and looking forward to Gold.

Happy trading all.


iI can see gold from here. Silver I was very difficult form me,but Silver II was completely different story,finished it in 5 days.


Hi Silver I is difficult for me too, have someone a Idee i finished 25-5-24 but the Beeline shows me that it is still not met. someone had the same problem?


Just made silver III, Silver II was the hardest for me. Just hang in there can almost taste the gold


Way to go Wyn, Silver three is easy compared to Silver 2. See you in Gold in a week.


thanks for all the comments. Helped with silver 2. currently on 5days trade.
Finding it a real challenge cos i'm not used to trading small stops of <20pips been a swing trader


yes u are right. currently on 5days trade.
Finding it a real challenge cos i'm not used to trading small stops of <20pips been a swing trader


5 day trade is what is holding me up, as well. Wish you luck!


Congrats to all. I found the Silver II was the hardest. It took me a bit of the time to get to Silver III. I hope from now on it will be much easier to get to Gold III.




good luck

Tropical Paradise

Everyone in Silver, just hang in there!
and keep plugging away.
Made it to Gold 1 tonight :)




I am nearly finished SilverII I've done everything at this level in 4 days so I have to trade another day to make 5 days
I traded for hours and hours to get through, what a mind stretch!
Congrats to everyone else getting through this level.
I haven't used the forum before my mistake would have made my journey so far much easier
Must get a picture!


5 days with 5 trades is also my last task on Silver II, 2 more profitable days and then finally off to Silver III

good luck and happy trading


Hit Silver III yesterday..Silver II was fun...not


Big tip for Silver someone said above: "make 5 days with 5 trades your first priority". Chances are you'll hit a few other targets getting that one done. I made it my last priority and here I am, over 3 weeks on, and still in Silver II. My wife is in Silver 1, hard on my heels (and she started much later than I did). One more profitable day and I'm done with Silver II, thankfully.


Con grats keep up the hard work


Cool. Just go on. :-)


Silver III...finally. Glad to see the backside of I and II. :)


Silver|| was harder than Silver|||


silver 2 is the hardest


Congratulations. Good lock with silver III. I'm almost done with it.


Hardest part of Silver III so far is deciding how to trade. Without all those pip requirements, the field is wide open. So many systems, so little time. :)


I have one task left in Silver II ~ 5 profitable trading days.

I barely recovered losses today but did end up positive. I will wait until tomorrow to trade London open when there is more volume. My plan is to scalp anything that has a wide range on the 15 minute candle. Tomorrow is day 5 and I do not want to have to start over again.

I was fortunate to meet other requirements when XAU was so wild ~ ended up stacking orders to get the trades done ~ this is not how I would normally trade ~ but to meet the requirements, it seemed to be the best strategy. It certainly showed me what is possible to do ~ something I would not have done otherwise - at least - not now. ;-)


Seeing some ice pippage this morning. A very weak GBP is helping my trend following systems stay on track.


Sorry..."nice pippage" not "ice pippage." :)