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Made it to Silver III

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Made it to Silver III

Made it to Silver III today! Silver II was by far the most interesting challenge to date!

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 2:52am

I've been Silver 2 for one whole day and only have two tasks left - finishing the rest of the 100 trades and 4 more consecutive profitable days. Shorting GBPJPY has been great the last couple weeks. Reading all the comments above, I can't wait to see Silver 3.


Good Job!


Congrats, On making silver III. I hope to be there soon.


if you think of it as in a venture


someone told me this world is run mostly by C students and not A students. this is because the C students work harder, make more mistakes and learn more from those mistakes than the A students learn from their easy successes. I hope most of this is true because I am definitely not a stinking genius and I'm making plenty mistakes. enjoy the journey everyone...I know I am.


So true mcraepj. C students aren't as afraid to fail as A students. :)


I hope there are exceptions. I was an "A" student...

I was afraid to fail. Not anymore. Now that I trade Forex, I've become really, really good at it.


That is the title of a Robert Kiyosaki book, "Why A students work for C students". All of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books are excellent sources of information on the importance of being responsible for your own financial future.


Congratulations ! Silver 2 was one of the harder ones if i recall




I am working on a way to meet 3 to 4 silver 2 requirements at once and knock all check them all off at once instead of one at a time. I will give it a go monday and let you you. If it works as i expect, i believe we can get through it a lot faster. Ill keep you guys updated


gbp/jpy got me through quite a bit lately. Went down and down..Got to love in when ya kinda know what a pair is gonna do. I agree with the c situation above. Through 9 yrs of college i never made less than a A1 and i was more worried about keeping the GPA up instead of actually learning. I can look back now and see what i missed. Oh well can only change the present or future, never the past.


@adizzy, I don't think you can change the future but you can set yourself in motion for a good future by preparing in the present and being ready to take advantage of good opportunities when they present themselves. ... I've only had seventy years to figure that out and it might be finally sinking into this very hard skull.. In the present situation present themselves daily its not that the situation is necessarily bad but it's the "decision" about how to handle the situation that counts or put another way out emotions. Sound familiar... just saying.


I just got to silver 2 a day or so ago and I agree with posts above. The first thing i did besides watch the videos was to write down the tasks needed to get through it and group the ones together which on a good run could get done at the same time. For example I am going to try to find a good trend that is a break out and set 10 trades with 2.9 sl so I can get the 10 trades in a row with a 4 pip sl and 3 pip sl at the same time and perhaps. on the one with 5 trades a day with 5 profitable days remember if you get your 4th day and lose a trade, just increase your lot size so you only have to gain a pip to overcome the .01 pip loss. For all of us in silver 2 and 3, if anyone finds a great way to get some tasks completed how about sharing with each other as some may find one hard while others have a hard time on a different requirement. If we could get a post which would stay up and say Getting through silver 2/ silver 3 and people write down what they did to get that task done, i think it would help all. Just an idea. Let me know what you all think?


thx for the insight rookie. I need all the help i can get


I just got to silver 2 a day or so ago and I agree with posts above. The first thing i did besides watch the videos was to write down the tasks needed to get through it and group the ones together which on a good run could get done at the same time. For example I am going to try to find a good trend that is a break out and set 10 trades with 2.9 sl so I can get the 10 trades in a row with a 4 pip sl and 3 pip sl at the same time and perhaps. on the one with 5 trades a day with 5 profitable days remember if you get your 4th day and lose a trade, just increase your lot size so you only have to gain a pip to overcome the .01 pip loss. For all of us in silver 2 and 3, if anyone finds a great way to get some tasks completed how about sharing with each other as some may find one hard while others have a hard time on a different requirement. If we could get a post which would stay up and say Getting through silver 2/ silver 3 and people write down what they did to get that task done, i think it would help all. Just an idea. Let me know what you all think? Oh yea, congrats to bubba and all who have gotten through to gold. Well done all....

BC David

I think I'll be into Silver III by tomorrow. I found Silver II to be ultra-challenging; especially while working 12-hour days. I can only trade for the hour prior to the New York open and in the middle of the Tokyo session (5-6 AM and 7-9 PM Mountain).

If I can make it through keeping these hours, anything is possible!




Congratulations. I came to Silver 2 on March 8, 2018, which is International Women's day, let's see how long it is going to take me to graduate to Silver 3.




Focus on the 10 pip rush and you will knock out a bunch of it with just that one. You need one good run (hence the name) on a good trending pair - put in ten orders and ride it out. I remember sitting with my cursor on the closing red X just watching for the 10+ so I could click. My TP was at twelve pips, but I like taking action when I get to a number like that!

Best of luck to you.

As to your idea on posting how you made each achievement, I think that makes perfect sense. Looking back now, I wish I had done so as a kind of "success journal" - so, maybe I'll start a Forum topic under that title and see who joins in. Thanks for the suggestion.


P.S. If I'm reading it right, I should be Gold I in about 46 minutes.


adizzy12know2 I've created a new Forum/Topic in Just for Fun - let us know how you do with achievements in Silver. Thanks.

Beeline 20 20 for Silver III 20180318 75 last trades .xlsx 117.97 KB

wooo hooo, just passed Silver 2! dang 5 days 5 profit messed me up. i had to reign myself in. i still have $9600. I made some wreckless trades to try to save myself a couple times.


@archstevej, good for you folks, when I was doing the 5 for 5 I thought I was setting in for a new career.... Congratulations!


When I went from Silver I , to Silver II, and then onto Silver III, to make sure I was in profits for the day I had to write down on paper the beginning time of day GMT time for each new day for the 5 days profit in a row. Each day I wrote the start of a new day in GMT time and my account balance of my trades closed. I would not close out trades that were looser's if it would affect my account balance for a daily trade of net profit if there was not enough hours to turn my net trade results into winning. So a loser trade might last a extra few hours, then once the new 24hr clock hit I would close it out and then make up making new profits so at end of each 24 hours my running finished account balance would be a net profit each day successively.


It works best for me not to get too arrogant in being Silver II... It cost me a week and had to restart the weekly profit of 5 trades to success each day , 5 days in a row. Just make a profit and not try to be to big ..since too big leads to too small... woops...


Silver II was definitely the hardest for me. For all those still struggling with it, just keep biting off one achievement at a time and don't be stressed about the time it's taking. It's teaching you skills and giving you experience for a reason. Hang in there!


@brethenson2, look on the D1, H4 and H1 for a trend. Put on 5 trades on one pair. Either do not put SL so you don't get stopped out or put it out far enough so you don't get stopped out. Let it run. I did that for my 25-5-24. It worked good or I was just lucky.


I agree Silver 11 is not easy but it is a good preparation. Silver 111
is much easier because I believe that we have been through all those hard task
and by experience we are just getting better. By constant practice, patience, perseverance and discipline
I think we will all get rewarded.


@brethenson2, I agree with minielye. Look for a higher time frame like D1, H4 and H1. It is more reliable. I would say always put
an automatic stop loss far enough like 50. I did not put a stop loss once and I really paid for it. Sometimes
Alveo freezes and by the time it comes back for all you know you have lost 100 pips. Learned my lesson.


Should be completing Silver 2 tomorrow :)


I would agree with most everyone about SII. What stumped me was the 10 gains bigger than 10 losses, I had a couple of big losses. What I did was set up 10 1 PIP "losses". It was easy to overcome these 10 PIP losses so I could move on shortly thereafter.


Almost graduating from Silver II but i have to admit that it has been the most interesting and challenging one. I am not sure how i have come to where i am at! Looking forward to S III


Well down to all members who have made it to a new level. I've only just achieved Gold L1.

Must admit it was a little harder to achieve this level but, it's so satisfying to know I got there all by myself.


good job!


Silver was a trip. In gold 1 i am finding consistency more callenging that all the little tasks in silver. However those little tasks have helped me gain the skills for consistency.

Fsean b

congrats on silver3


Congrats ... making my way through Silver 2 right now ... A couple more things to do and I will see you at Silver 3


Woo who! I made it to Silver 3, finally. All I had to day was lower my risk. Lol, Sounds easy. Its behind me now.


@ piplayer53, Contradulation! see you in Gold soon,
BTW "lower my risk. Lol" is just starting... just saying... ROLOL


I finally got to Silver 2 and now in Silver 2 I had to rethink my whole way of approaching the market.
What I was doing was failing me now. Time to tear up the old trick bag and make a new beginning.


I messed up my 5 days/5 trades a day so now I have to start that part again. So within that time I will work on my win/loss ratio. I am looking forward to moving on to Silver III.


Hello, i have problems with the stop loss.

I make 30 stop losses in a row, i forget one again. When it will be fill 50 stop losses in a row?


good job!


Congrats. lvl 2 was by far the toughest so far to get through for me


I just started Silver 2 the other day - yesterday being slow Friday, I only tried few trades, I'm a little skeptical because it's in this level that I said to myself to be serious on the trading board .... I watched the videos required for this level and I wrote down those task that are sort of related, in a way, hoping I can hit two things from one trading, that is if successful.. There's a mix of feelings as I entered to this level - excited maybe, but more on worried that I might get stuck somewhere... I'm still working on the discipline part, as I feel, I'm negative on that part... If there is anyone out there who can help or guide me on this, anything you might want to share/ partake - I will forever be grateful. I just feel that Apiary bees are now my new found family, that I'm comfortable asking for help. thanks


@gaietygal, I am glad you are now comfortable. It took me a bit as well.
Might I suggest you use the forum search feature for specific tasks, I'm sure everyone has been covered more than once.


thanks rookie007.... yes i'll need to find time to read blogs/ forums.... see you around!


Congratulations on reaching Silver II. I personally found short time frames and scalping to be the way past many of Silver II tasks...


Has anyone got any suggestions on how to get the 50 Pips in one trade I am suggleing with this.


Hi Rosie. 50 pips was by far the hardest achievement for me in silver 11. I used the daily chart and played off of support or resistance. I took the trade at the end of the trading day and let it run when I saw the direction the market was moving. You can use double bottoms, or pin bars to help you find the direction. Also use 3 bar reversal patterns. You will need a bigger stop loss normally but it can be done on a smaller stop loss as well. My stop loss was around 15 on my trade. Also if you want to lessen the risk a little you can take 2 trades and then get out of one when you have some profit. Good luck. It will happen for you.


I need six more '10 pip rush trades' to complete silver II.


I became Silver 3 over the weekend. If I do as expected, I will be moving to Gold 1 in the middle of next week.

I don't see any big challenge in Silver 3 except win #>Loss # and risk/reward has to be there. It is difficult to hit both for over 100 trades. So far about 20 trades and stay within the rule.

So far Silver 2 was the hardest for me.

Mike S.

Yes do as your expected. Perfect tradertool.

Now that I'm occupied with realizing it's not beeline but the strategy that will raise my funds, I am keep reflecting back to 'keep it simple' and hearing Shawn talking about support and resistance.

I am realizing my strategies are more about what I do if they are not going the right way.


Good grief, this thread is still alive after nearly two years! Still think Silver III is an anti-climax after Silver II (my wife is now on Silver III herself). Reckon Silver II and III should be swapped over, but no matter.

Congrats to everyone who has made it this far. The real journey is about to start!


"Still think Silver III is an anti-climax after Silver II (my wife is now on Silver III herself)"

That's quite amazing, isn't it!


I dont think I'll ever get to Silver 3 the market is so slow and every pair I choose is stuck in a tight range that goes nowhere


> Alveo doesn't seem to understand that we couldn't trade if we wanted to

Call support. They can do some amazing things in making adjustments.


Ok will do thank you


Traderfool, keep expectancy positive throughout Gold II when you arrive and the rest seem to follow.


Catching the 50 Pip trade is tough for me right now. It will come. Biggest thing is get out of the losers QUICK and look for the next setup.


Thanks, JimB for the heads up.

ghocker. in order to catch 50 pips+ move, you need to use 1 H or 4H chart. My suggestion is to trade support and resistance off of 1H chart in the direction of the Daily trend. You will have your best chance.


Made to the Gold 1 today.


@tradertool, good for you, Congratulations and Welcome to the gold club!
Now its all about the transition from pips to equity!


nice job tradertool should make it to silver 3 sunday or monday may need some advice once i get there


Great job tradertool... I just started Silver II this week, it looks like it's going to be a real challenge!

Jenny K

Congrats!! Silver 2 was a real challenge! I finally made it to 3 myself and man that was rough lol

Happy trading everyone!


Jenny good for you, Congrats, see you in Gold sooner.


All done with Silver 2 except for 2 more days of the "5 trades for 5 days thing"... that was... interesting. Took all day to get my 50 pip trade and when it went off the whole family was standing around the screen cheering LOL. I'm so encouraged to hear Silver 3 is easier and I can't wait to get to Gold... I feel like I'm ready to just buckle down and do some consistent, profitable trading. I'm glad to have had the challenges and being pulled out of my comfort zone, and I've learned a lot.

The beeline is frankly a work of genius in molding people into profitable traders. I hate some of the steps the intentionally slow our progress, but I'm willing to trust the system. I've seen how it has worked so far in my own trading and I am frankly amazed at the awesomeness of what Apiary has built.


Good Job// Congrats


I seem to be stuck in Silver III, 4 mos ago I could have - should have moved on to GI but decided to keep myself in SIII to show more consistency. Boy what did I do? Nothing but upside down ever since, pretty much have figured out how to lose more than win. Seems like I need to go back to the Bronze stuff and start over


Made to Gold 2 today, the last hurdle before funding. Hopefully, I will get funded in four weeks.


Stay with it..what helps me a lot on all the levels is to trade only one pair or two during the same sessions all the time. Same pair same sessions for months on. This helped me get so familiar with the market movement and to time my entries a lot better. It has improved my average win/loss ratio. Also locking in a larger TP and smaller SL in ALVEO will create the automatic offset for you. You win $ amount will always be higher than your loss $ amount. From there, you just need to focus on getting more winners than losses.


Thanks, magnayebrian. The big difference here is the trading account size of $1000. I need to stay under 2% risk which forces me to be extremely conservative in trading lot size.


Hello Fellow Bees

Still struggling thru Silver 2, Training seems to be very comprehensive.

Congratulations to the newly funded.


Just arrived in Silver III and cannot wait to get started. I hope to learn a lot without being stopped out. I thought Silver two was pretty tough.


Good on you TC! cant wait to see you in the Gold family!


Finally made Silver 3 last night... Gold here I come :-)


ScrubFree, way to go!


Congrats, you worked for it!


Got Silver 2 this week! found a strategy that works for me and am sticking with it. 4 EMA and watch the trends. Seems to work well on the 4 hour charts for me. I'm actually learning patience finally!


I was able to complete the task by placing 5 trades on the same pair with a 11 TP and a 9 SL.


I was stumped for a whole year in Silver 2 - on just one task the 5 x 5 profitable days in a row. I had completed all the others very quickly - within a week or two, but that last one really pushed all my buttons! I got 3 in a row, then 4 but always the last day eluded me and I had to start all again! In frustration, I forgot all my rules and just flailed about taking trades (darn One-Click buttons) - I suppose you would call that revenge trading. Finally, what worked for me was going back to basics.

I took a break from Silver 2 and traded only in the extra simulated accounts. In one account, I focussed only on learning price action (no indicators, just support and resistance) until I began to sense what the market might be trying to tell me. I watched all of Rex Johnson's Price Action classes(highly recommended)

In another account, I practiced simple long term trading strategies as taught by Doug Eatough in his excellent Trade Development classes. This is when I began to see some consistent profitability starting to happen. I discovered a lot about my own psychology in the process! Talk about humbling. I practiced adhering to the strategy rules (and ignoring my restless mind, LOL) and after 100s of trades, my account size grew so consistently that I began to feel confident enough to use this strategy to tackle Silver 2 again.

The strategy worked! Yay! And about 2 weeks ago I finally made it to Silver 3. I have achieved all the Silver 3 trading tasks now - all that is left is to post to the forum! And here I am! I am looking forward to be in Gold 1 today! Woohoo!

P.S. There were many times I was tempted to just throw in the towel, but I'm really glad I kept plugging away. Despite the frustrations and challenges of Silver 2 - it forced me to develop better self discipline - and above all patience (essential for long term trading).

So I encourage those who are struggling to keep practicing and learning. It is well worth it!


@gcbehrend, Congratulations and Glad that you hung in there.


Just completed the 5 trades for five days challenge to finish the trade requirements for Silver II. I have been trading small lot sizes 0.02 or so, but to to be profitable, I had to increase the lot size to 0.05 to over come the commission drain on the trades and add to the account balance. Its not always about the pips!

FX Money

Congrats mdehaven.


i'm curious about 2 trades per week for 2 weeks. I trade practically every day, every week, over 50 trades a day, scalping. what triggers the completion of this task?


Just maintain a positive expectancy and I think you will be surprised.


Awesome job, congrats!


Having just graduated from Silver II myself, I have certainly learnt the value and power of persistence. Well done!


Congrats and keep moving up!!!!


Got two to go on Silver 2.It's taken me awhile but got sidetracked with life.Am now on the road to finish Silver 2.Congrats to all moving forward.


Congrats to all. Keep up the persistence. Just making it out of Silver II into Silver III. It definitively was a challenge for me as a swing trader with the no trade going against you by 20 pips requirement.


Boom!!! Made it through to Silver 111 :) Some great tips on the forum. My advice - only trade lot sizes 0.01. Keep in mind at this stage we are here to smash through those challenges! It keeps your confidence at a good level knowing your not trying to shoot for the moon! But helps improve performance.


Good for you Andy, job well done. Welcome to Gold!


Finally completed Silver II! I hope what I have read on here that Silver II was one of the toughest to do is correct. Looking forward to the rest of Beeline.


It's really encouraging to see so many of you who were Silver are now Gold.



Congratulations I too struggled but should be in Silver 3 after this post. The 5 days in a row in silver 2 was the most challenging for me too.


You traders like me that have had the most challenge from the 5 days profitable, its time for a heads up.
You will need to work on your gambling ASAP, Don't kid me or yourself, your either over trading or oversizing and or not closing losing trades early. It is ignoring the basic rules of a trader be it here or in Vagas, it's risk and gambling.

I Gold its all a five-day challenge the pip deal is over a new dawn is happening and its called consistently profitable!

The number one rule is to protect your capital.

Grady E. Morris

Yep I just made it to S-3!

The Plunger

Very good, now on to getting funded.


Yes Silver 2 is tesing congrats


Seems like the concensus is that Silver 2 is the most challenging..I am about to find out.


I am also about to find out if Silver 2 is the most challenging. I am excited to moving ahead!


Well done not to long to go now.Keep it up.


I echo the comments here. I myself spent what was seemingly an eternity in Silver I and Ii and finally broke free of Silver II back on 17th September.

Silver II was tough for me in particular 10 trades in a row with stop loss of no more than 3pips...seems so long ago now.

Onward and upward we go.


Congrats to you all. It is very encouraging to read that we all struggle with the same things, but that we can beat whatever challenges and obstacles there are. Looking forward to the very tough Silver II.


Congratulations to all of you on your various achievements. I finally made it to Silver 3 this morning. The hard part of Silver 2 for me was the 5 days in a row with a profit and at least 5 trades. Like many of you, I had to start over a couple of times. I look forward to the Silver 3 trading where we can trade our style without worrying about things like not having a trade go against me by 3 pips. Keep up all the good work. With every achievement you finish you are one step closer to Gold and funding.


Success leaves some trail.
I have been reading about the hard work, and consistent attitude needed to get pass Silver 11. So, congratulations to all the winners, and the heads up to all still trying for Silver 111. I am still working on Silver 11. Five days with 5 profitable trades is the attempt now. Hope to graduate soon.

Thanks to all for sharing.

Be great always.



I have done all the tasks from Silver 2 within 2 days except one (5 Days with 5 Trades) - this one require 3 days more.

The task: "Maintain Average Win > Average Loss" (Profit from last 10 wins compared to last 10 losses. This evaluation is ongoing while you are in Silver 2) was unfair, because I have done all the tasks (except 5 Days with 5 Trades) without a single loss, therefore the the task "Maintain Average Win > Average Loss" could not be counted. The only way to complete was to create (on demand) some losses.

Minimum stop loss is 1pip, so I had to create a few pips losses on my zero losses Silver Statistics in order to complete "Maintain Average Win > Average Loss". I hope that there will be no more such tasks.


Congrats Lukas, you'll be Gold sooner


Congrats to all who have made it to Silver 3 before Hank

Just one assignment before I might join you. 5 day in profit


I just made Silver III today. The 5 days-5 trades profit was the hardest. Everything else was a piece of cake. So you silver II people get the 5-5-5 out of the way first. Starting over at day 4 a couple times hurt. ?So I just traded a couple minutes a day, found a winner and hit the enter button 5 times in a row and when it turned green I exited out and quit trading for the day for five .1 pip winners.
Silver II was the hardest, so when I had my 5 winners I just worked on my Silver III Tasks, so I am about done with my Silver III tasks already. Or I worked on strategies using my Bronze account or practiced wobbling. Then it didn't affect my Silver account.
I'll have Gold in a couple days thanks to Cassidy's & Lexee's help on how to work the system.


@Polecheck, Congrats on your accomplishment.


Congratulations on making it to Silver III.


Congratulations to all... Just sharing my luck and experience .. when I reached silver 2 the first thing I did was to finish the 100 trades . I only traded USD/JPY. I did the 100 trades during night time between 8-10 pm eastern time when there was a lot of action. I closed the 100 trades with different gain of pips, 1-20 pips and left two trades for 50 pips. The next day after I closed all 100 trades I completed most of the silver 2 and left with 50 pips and 5 trades with 5 profitable days exercise. I was surprised with the outcome. So silver 2 will be completed by Friday or Saturday cuz of the 5 trades with 5 profitable days which for me is easy. So it means it will only take me a week to finish Silver 2. I learned a lot from what I did and from Silver 2. Excited to move on to Silver 3.


I do not recall the level, but one of the challenges was trading in various markets at times of day.


I believe that was Bronze 3. That’s where I realized I love trading USD/JPY because other currency pairs sucks lol. That exercise helped me find the right pair of currency to trade with.


Silver II is kicking my butt right now. I was doing great through all the other levels. Stats were amazing. Account was growing. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought wrong. Silver II has thrown me for a loop. I was trading mini-lots and winning, and in one bad day, I took out almost all my gains and blew my stats. I'm now down to micro-lots and it's helping some with the smaller losses, but it's still tough to make some of these achievements with the firm less than 20 pip loss potential requirements, but I'm not big on giving up. I'm spending more time in my simulated account working out a temporary strategy to get through this. I like my regular strategy, but I have to put it on hold at least until Silver II is done. I am learning a lot, so there's the bright side. It's interesting to me that some of the challenges that stumped others were a piece of cake for me. I knocked out many of them on the first day. And some of the ones that others breezed through are keeping me back. I think it's that one bad day that's still pulling me down at the moment.


Silver 2 is the hardest level I think. Just stick with micro lots and you will do fine. Can take a bit. You will have to tell us about your regular strategy. In Gold 2 you will only have a $1000 account, so your practice now will help you then. Hang in there. Happy New Year!


Silver II completed! Wow! That one was rough right up until the end. I had 4 out of 5 profitable days going into yesterday. I just had to get that fifth day. No ifs ands or buts about it. So, what did I do? Started the day off with 5 losers in a row! Long story short, I was down almost $100 at 6:30 yesterday and went all in with a full lot for 10 pips. Ended up with 12 at 6:57 (GMT 23:57). I struggled and lost all day long, but I didn't give up and met my goal just in the nick of time.

I know it was irresponsible, but desperate times, desperate measures and all that. Plus, I had $100+ gains to spare in that account.


good on you boss_hogg


Boss...I had a similar experience but I did not recover enough and had to restart my 5 days. Did not help that it was during Xmas week!


Excellent keep up the good work. We will all be at Gold three in no time.


Congratulations... I am working my way through Silver far so good.




I found Silver II the hardest because it makes you look at profitability and not just at the number of pips you make. I did not realize how hard it is to make up a loss when it is not just pips but $ and cents.You newbees start watching the % of profitability from the beginning and that will help.


almost done with silver 3...just have to have the consistency avg win vs loss for 20 trades. I think it means to have the same loss as the same winners. So I'm going to put 2 pip stop and 2 pip target and just enter a bunch of trades.


You have to have more winners than losers for the last 20 and you have to have average win greater than average loss. I have 24 trades left and need to maintain those in order to get to Gold.


Good job, DanaC! I just finished Silver 3 myself a few days ago. I think the requirement you are referring to has to do with having bigger wins than losses for the last 20 trades, but I could be wrong.

estelwillits, I spent way too much time in Silver 2! I hope you are moving along nicely :-) You're right, Silver 2 was where things started getting truly difficult, because you were required to actually manage your profitability.


Ah, boss_hogg beat me to it :-) Yes, as I recall, there were two separate but similar requirements in Silver 3: to have bigger wins than losses on avg, and to have more wins than losses. An important lesson in discipline (relevant for all trading careers, no doubt), but very do-able.


I agree with bigbubba32, just keep at it. I finely made it to Silver III on March 5th. 2019, about a month and a half later than expected.
Let me give you some good news, silver III is a cake walk compared to Silver II. It's now March 7th. and I only have 4 more things to complete before Gold 1.


Congrats dutchkuykendall I just got to silver III a few days ago myself and it does look a lot easier.


5 Days with 5 Trades

I made the mistake of thinking that I make the pips each day for 5 days, I’m profitable.
My 5th day I made plenty of pips , but a loss. This held me back from achieving Silver I by another 5 days.

The 2nd attempt at 5 days – 5 trades and 5 days of profits worked.

Keep an eye on your daily trade pips and % return. The Daily Statistics on the apiary website only show daily pips.

My stats for part of Silver 2 are included here.

Silver 2 Stats.jpg

Silver III took me 8 days. I was lucky that the I started Silver III on Thursday c. 14.00 GMT.

I did the following in the same afternoon:
Place 100 Trades
Emotitag 25 Trades
Use a Stop Loss on 50 Trades in a Row

The two things that caught me out were :
1) Maintain Average Win > Average Loss
I used previous advice from:

2) Bee Active: place at least 2 trades per week over 2 weeks
Having placed trades on Thursday, I placed some trades the next day on the Friday.
I have now reached Gold I as you need to trade on Day 1, then on Day2 or Day 3.
Day 1 counts as Week 1 and Day 2 or 3 counts as Week 2.


Bee up 100 pips in 1 Day.

I completed this by looking for a trending pair, in this case XAUUSD.

I'm lucky that I can use London opening time to achieve this.

I placed 10 trades, 10 pips profit, 0.01 lot, Stop at latest high or low and achieved this in 15 mins.


I just made it to Silver 3 last week. Boy that last one was a challenge; the ( last 10 profits compared to the 10 losses). Took me a while to get pass this one, but I did it in a grand way with an overnight trade that brought me in a 227 profit using the EUR/USD pair that propelled me to the next level. So thankful.

Lord Thanos

I just have the 50 pips challenge and the 5 days profit achievements to go. I got so distracted with the smaller achievements that I didn't add these into my strategy. Now I am just trying to let my long USD/JPY run to 50 pips and focusing on good trades to keep a daily profit. I should make silver 3 by Friday.


Great Job!
Keep up the good work!

Lord Thanos

Yay! made it to S3. Took me a couple days extra as trying to get the 50 pip got me on tilt and wrecked my 5 days profit achievement. S3 seems to be less challenging that S2. Gonna keep on trading=).


Congrats I made Gold today in the bootcamp well worth it


bbvegas Congrats on Gold, welcome to the gold cloud!


Just made it to Silver II today and it looks challenging. Was looking around for any advice on this level? Just in general wondering if anyone has any comments about Silver II or something they would say to themselves at this stage.

Also commenting to fulfill the requirement of commenting :) So excited to be here and to be at Silver! I've got a lot of momentum, this is only my 3rd week. Anyway, congrats 3 years ago to the original poster and to all the others that mentioned advancing here~


use the forum search function there are tons of silver advice.
BTW congrats on S2 keep up the diligent work!


I finally completed Silver 2, and it was a challenging stage. The critical aspect of the trading for me is to keep the emotion under control. There are times when I know I need to close the trade and take the profit. However, there are times that greed takes over. I need to maintain the fundamentals that we are learning in the apiary program.

Dennis F

Congrats!! I remember Silver II being one of the toughest. (Although Gold I gets that title.)


"Bee Active: place at least 2 trades per week over 2 weeks"

I was thinking that will last for over two weeks.
But after I analyse considering the previous week counts. So, what I have in mind I can unlocked GOLD-1 within a week.

25th April exactly one week from 18th April. I received an email "Congratulations Gold 1"

I created a short video for those who are looking for some TIPS:




vic, love that you made a video, well done. congrats on gold 1.


tayloaj, "go seahawks"


I am almost done with Silver 2. Just have the 5 profitable days in a row with 5 trades. I have 3 under my belt, only 2 to go. As I started Silver 2 it was really looking daunting and then everything just fell into place and I knocked out 3rd and 4th down conversion, 50 pips in a trade, 100 pips in a day, 10 pip rush and 10 pips on a trade open for 5 minutes all in one day. Now just the 5 profitable days to go. Looking forward to getting a look at what Silver 3 holds.