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Made it to Silver III

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Made it to Silver III

Made it to Silver III today! Silver II was by far the most interesting challenge to date!

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 2:52am

Fast Track,

3rd and 4th down conversion means no more than 3 (3rd down) or 4 (4th down) pips of risk (stop loss order of no more than 3 or 4 pips) on those particular trades. Not all of your other trades just those specific trades. Also, a tip, if you do the 3rd down conversion trades first they will automatically satisfy the 4th down trades as well.


I've just got here too.. looking to get too Gold next week


I am on gold 1-hole and been here for while and trying to get out of the hole. I am down like allmost 3K so working my way up. not easy but got it going with my new setup.


I might suggest you watch as many of Rex's Monday night "trade Plan" sessions, he covers risk management over and over again.

Another set is bu Adam Khoo, parts one and two, ,

Kevin shared these links, perhaps it will help you out of the ditch.
Dan Shapiro - a Chat With Traders Podcast - "How to handle trading losses and grinding through slump"

Mark Douglas - Mind over Market Interview

Shawn Lucas - When you have a bad day (some of you have probably seen this already)

Morad Askar (FuturesTrader71) - "Risk, Scaling, Probabilities, and Trade Management." One of my favorites. It leans towards futures trading but very much applies to Forex.

Again, I apologize I won't be present tonight. But I'll leave this up and copy and paste this to the moneybees group page. Best of luck trading this next week, folks! Keep on trading on!


Thanks for sharing Rookie
I can finnialy see the Goal of Gold. I like scapling but I like intremediate trading as well.


Way to go chaffcombe17


I just made it the Silver 3 tonight.



John, good for U! Gold ahoy,


I am very close to silver 3


I just got out of silver 3 and started gold, Now in silver three if you get too many losses that add up using this strategy. use just 1 Q and have a sell lose at 1 pip. Then bring your loss ratio back down to where profits can be better than losses. you will also have to maintain 11 plus winning trades compared to losing trades in the stats. It did take me a while to figure this out but in the end, I managed the goal.

Leo in Huronia

I landed in Silver 3 yesterday. Silver 2 was a real trip!

Anyways it's good to be here, and now it's going to be a focus on consistency for the long term. I'll be avoiding impulse trades, and low probability setups, and have been making good progress on this.

Finally, my trading is getting better.

And so... onward!


I am at Pre Fund account now


congratulations.. Should be on silver 3 by next week. I'm struggling with five profitable trading days in a row. I'm On my third attempt. I've been practicing Sean's wobble technique. Absolutely love it. However, when it goes against you. I find, that I struggle with getting out of losing trades.


Nice! keep up the good work, just about done with silver 3. Hopefully by this coming week.

Vanessa Freeman

Congratulations chaffcombe17 !!

I just advanced to Silver III a few days ago. I'm so glad I decided to pursue Apiary Fund.

Much success to you, and Happy Trading!


Hey everyone!

I made Silver II today! Any "lessons learned" that can be passed to the new Silver II students?

Much appreciated!

Mike S.

Yes, so sad that we don't have more excellent trainers that maintain a near daily appearance on the Calendar. I feel like some trainers are hiding in niches in the Calendar, while just a few are actually doing the bulk work. Todd G, Jeff Crystal, of course the bulk. Daily appearances and thankfully Todd's style is practical and easy to learn for newbie retail traders. Jeff keeps his webinars more theoretical and hypothetical, I have never actually seen him enter a trading order, although he makes daily webinars, but I think all the trainers are worth listening to, at least as many times as they have been on the Calendar. Of course, again that puts Todd G and Jeff C at the front of who's who, but of course you can not beat Shawn Lucas at the Trading Room, and Nate.


Congratulations on making it to Silver III.
Making it through all these levels forces us to trade better and with intent...instead of trading just to trade.
Hope to see another post when you make it to funding.
Congratulations again!


I was able to complete the "Bee up 100 pips in 1 Day" requirement for Silver II this morning. It happened while I was trying to complete the "10 Pip Rush". I learned that the trick is not to try to make 100 pips on one trade. Instead I made 10 - 15 pips on a bunch of trades which added up to 100. It turned out to be much easier than I first expected.


Congratulations on making Silver III.....

I found in working with making GOLD III, I had best results in management risk with no trade bigger than .01 and place 5 or 10 trades at as time with the same FOREX pair. Maybe you do this already or maybe this helps.

Best of Luck


Hey Everyone, enjoying the Journey tremendously.

Congrats to everyone sticking in there. I found the beeline to funding discussions instrumental to not only understanding current challenges on the particular level that I was on but also watched the discussions repeatedly to mentally prepare for the next levels. Knowing what to expect in future levels does make the requirements much easier. Thanks Cassidy and team.

One pointer that I found particularly useful was to not allow any trade to close against you with more than 20 pips while doing Silver 1 and 2 - this forces you to wait 30 days to complete silver 2.

Keep it green.


four months now trying to get 5 days profitable in silver 1 just frustrated. get three or four days then screw up.i will keep trying . have a good pip filled day everyone


@troysonfarm, sounds like your walking in my footsteps! careful when you decide to enter a trade, there is quicksand all around, this requires tightly defining your trigger setup and trigger and then the patience to wait for it and not force a trade or overtrade to compensate.

Trade well!


Almost there!


hey guys . im new here


thanks rookie
much apreciated

another month and still trying to get that 5 days


Tips to get the 5 days with at least 5 trades:
Enter the same trade 5 times (like with 10 sec interval).
Put a large stop loss like 30 pips (so you wont get caught)
As soon as they are just over break even profitable, immediately close each trade.
Stop trading for the day (this one is critical)
Rinse and repeat. for 4 more days.
Good luck!


@troysonfarm. I admire your persistence that is how winners are made. Winners are ones who never give up. Learn from your failures, try a different approach, and you will succeed.

I pass this task with little difficulty after learning how to fix bad trades. Watch how Shawn do it a few times and practice in your demo account until you are good at it and then do it on your Silver account. Here is URL:

Able to fix bad trades, in my opinion, is the holy grail in trading. I spent a lot of time watching this video and practicing the technique. You won't regret it.

Once you are positive for the day, stop and enjoy the rest of your day. Don't over trade.

Hope it helps and always Bee Happy with your trading whether win or lose there is a lesson to be learned!


I am in Silver 2 just got here I passed the 3rd and 4th down just trading last night I cant tell you how sorry
I was stuck in Silver 1 for about 5 weeks waiting to get my 5 positive trade days and I felt so Grounded to not be able
to freely trade last night when I passed Silver 1 I did 71 trades and pass 1/2 of Silver 2 ended positive and well its Friday..
NEXT week any one else just dieing with the days in the roll We all need to master that one!!! Here a cheer to better losses then
gains for all.


Good advice from drzed79. Adding to that it is good to do the trades in a strongly trending market. Can be in and out very quickly. Also, be wary of trading just before an hourly change, likely place to get direction change, particularly London or NY open, or before announcements. Make sure that you get positive $ not just positive pips.

Disciplined Profit

Hey everybody. Just about to leave Silver II behind. I agree adding to the same position that's going positive is a great idea. Earn 50 pips on a 12 pip move. Love it.


I think Silver II is one of the most difficult levels to complete. Now I am almost done with Silver III, right on my way to Gold I, congratulations to everyone which has accomplished this!!


Good job!


On this Fridai I got the Silver III, I was very long on Silver II, because of 2 points, and I got the very good advise about the tricks, and I got it.Now I am almost done with a Silver III.


I just hit Silver I, working my way to Gold.


Congratulations rvega20
Gold is waiting for us.


It is not so easy, but we will get there!!


Good job!


I'm finally funded, woohoo


Lol... great! still working on Silver I but I'm sure I will be able to pass it this coming week.... some weird stuff would happen in Alveo around 3pm MST and knock me out of some trades but I was able to recover.... still 3 days in the positive needed and 2 days of 10 pips per day.... should be a piece of piss but ya never know.... lol I guess I look forward to Silver II I do like a challenge :)

David C

I found this in one of the forums so thought this group could use it. I too had problems with meeting some of the requirements like 5 days in a row with profit. Think if I could have traded thru the day but I had to work. Have off Wednesday all day and Thursday AM.
Thanks to 3borkyork
for providing this.

Gold 3borkyork

All Achievements Listed
Hi All,

I was looking for this list when I first got started but it doesn't seem to be on the site. Here is a compliation of all the Beeline Achievements. If for some reason I'm not supposed to post this, please let me know so I can correct my mistake by removing this post. You can also see all the achievements at (Thank you, Orock!)


Copper I:

Watch “Welcome to the Apiary Fund” Video
Change your password
Place First Trade
Watch the New Trader Orientation
Take Investor Profile
Download Alveo Platform
Introduce Yourself

Copper II:

Watch “Apiary Fund” by Shawn Lucas
Watch “Intro to Currency Market” Module
Watch “Forex Basics” Discussion
Upload a profile picture
Read “Getting Started” Document
Read “Currency Market Basics” Document
Watch “Forex Market Structure” Module
Watch “Understanding Currency and Money” Module
Read “The Forex Market” Document
Watch “What Is A Pip?” Module
Pass “Forex Basics” Quiz

Copper III:

Watch “Path to Funding” Video
Watch “How Exchange Rates are Quoted” Module
Watch “All About Charts with Alveo” Discussion
Place “Long” Trade
Place “Short” Trade
Place Trade with a “Stop Loss”
Modify a “Stop Loss”
Read “Candlesticks” in the Glossary
Watch “Working with Templates” Video
Place 5 Trades
Customizing & Using Alveo Platform
Use a Trailing Stop
Read “Virtual Trading Account” Document
Win 2 Trades in a Row
Pass ”Apiary Software” Quiz.

Bronze I:

Watch “Expansion & Contraction” Video
Watch “Controlling Risk” Video
Watch A Live Trading Room
Trade the Euro (EUR)
Place 5 Trades
Watch “Support & Resistance” Video
Read “Price Action” Document
Watch “Fast Track to Funding” Discussion
Watch Entry Orders (Market, Limit and Stops)” Discussion
Watch “How to Determine a Trend” Discussion
Watch “How to Determine a Trend” Discussion
Place 10 Trades
Place 3 Trades in a Row
Make 3 Pips on 1 Trade
Read “Technical Analysis Introduction” Document
Read “time Frames” Document
Pass “Reading Charts Quiz

Bronze II:

Watch “Commong Patterns in Price Action” Video
Read “The Benjamin Formula” Document
Watch “Reversal Patterns” Discussion
Watch “Trading Breakouts” Discussion
Watch “Join the Band Strategy” Discussion
Watch “Lots and Leverage” Module
Place 5 Trades in 1 Day
Trade 5 Days In A Row (Beginning Sunday or Monday)
Make 5 Pips on 1 Trade
Watch “Bollinger Bands” Videos
Read “Moving Average and RSI” Document
Watch “Stochastic Indicator” Module
Watch “MACD Indicator” Module
Watch “Multiple Time Frames” Video
Write Down Trade Plan
Place 20 Trades
Trade the British Pound(GBP)
Trade the Franc(CHF)
Make 10 Pips on 1 Trade
Win 5 Trades in a Row
1 Profitable Trading day (no losing trades)
Pass “Using Indicators” Quiz

Bronze III:

Watch “Money Management” Video
Watch “Money Management” Video
Watch “Trading Statistics” Video
Read “Track Record Statistics” Document
Make 15 Pips on 1 Trade
Trade the Australian Dollar (AUD)
Trade the Japanese Yen (JPY)
Trade the Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Trade the New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Complete 10 Trades in 1 Day
Read “More Technical Analysis” Document
Read “Risk Management” Document
Place 50 Trades
Place 3 Trades In a Row Each with 10 Pips Profit
2 Profitable Consecutive Trading Days (no losing trades)
Make 3 Pips on a Trade Open For At Least 5 Minutes
Watch “Tips for Saving Money” Module
Pass “Money Management” Quiz

Silver I:
Watch “Forex Fanatics Strategy” Video
Watch “Price cycle & Time Cycle” Video
Watch “Breakout Strategy” Module
Place 5 Trades during the Sydney Open
Place 5 Trades during the New York Open
Place 5 Trades during the Tokyo Open
Place 5 Trades during the London Open
Make 25 Pips on 1 Trade
Place 100 Trades
3 under 3
Have 5 profitable trading days in a row
Accumulate 100 Profitable Pips
Take 5 Trades In a Row Each With 10 Pips Profit
10 Pips a Day for 3 Days Straight
Post a new topic in the forum
Pass “Break Out System” Quiz

Silver II:
Watch “From Boohoo to Woohoo” Video
Watch “Trading Psychology & Investor Profile” Video
Watch “Psychology” Video
Read “Trading Habits and Psychology” Document
Place 100 Trades
4th Down Conversion
3rd Down Conversion
10 Pip Rush
Make 50 Pips on 1 Trade
5 Recovery Trades
5 Recovery Profit Trades
5 Days with 5 Trades
Bee up 100 pips in 1 Day
Place 3 Trades with more than 20 Pips
Make 10 Pips on a Trade Open For At Least 5 Minutes
Bee social in the forum: comment on a post in the forum
Maintain Average Win > Average Loss
10 Trade Winning Streak
Maintain no trade going against you more than 20 pips
Emotitag 10 Trades

Silver III:

Watch “The Strategy Behind Stops”
Watch “2012 Forex Fanatics Live” Video
Read “Bankers Close Strategy” Document
Watch “Alignment Strategy” Module
Read “Alignment Strategy” Document
Write a New Trading Plan
Submitting a Trading Strategy to the Hive
Bee social in the forum: comment on 2 different topics
Place 100 Trades
Emotitag 25 Trades
Use a Stop Loss on 50 Trades in a Row
Maintain Average Win > Average Loss
Maintain No Loss > 2%
Maintain Number of Winning Trades > Losing Trades
Pass “Bankers Close” quiz
Pass “Alignment System” Quiz
Bee Active: place at least 2 trades per week over 2 weeks
Update Your Profile

Gold I:

Read “Preparing for a Risk Manager Interview” Document
read “Risk Manager Review” Document
Watch “Economic Reports” Discussion
Bee social in the forum: comment on 3 different topics
Place 100 Trades
Emotitag 25 Trades
Use a Stop Loss on 50 Trades In a Row
Half Century: Maintain Average Win > Average Loss
Half Century: Maintain No Loss > 2%
Great Expectations: Maintain A Positive Trade Expectancy
Bee Active: place at least 3 trades per week over 3 weeks
Schedule a “Risk Manager Review” with Trader Support

Gold II:

Watch “Currency Times and Seasons” Module
Watch “Market Correlation” Video
Read “Intermarket Analysis” Document
Watch “Interest Rates” Video
Bee social in the forum: Comment on 4 different topics
Place 200 Trades
Emotitag 25 Trades
Use a Stop Loss on 50 Trades in a Row
Century: Maintain Average Win> Average Loss
Century: Maintain No Loss > 2%
Century: Maintain Number of Winning Trades > Losing Trades
Great Expectations II: Maintain A positive Trade Expectancy
Pass “Economic” Quiz
Bee Active: Place at least 5 trades per week over 4 weeks

Gold III:

Watch “Non-Farm Friday” Video
Bee social in the forum: comment on 5 different topics
Place 200 Trades
Emotitag 25 Trades
Use a Stop Loss on 50 Trades in a Row
Double Century: Maintain Average Win > Average Loss
Double Century: Maintain No Loss > 2%
Double Century: Maintain Number of Winning Trades > Losing Trade
Great Expectations III: Maintain A Positive Trade Expectancy
Bee Active: place at least 5 trades per week over 4 weeks.


anyone here passed place at least 2 trades per week over 2 weeks? does this means i have to wait for 2 weeks minimum to pass the silver 3?


Yes but there is way to shorten it, please email me at


Just made it to Silver 3!! Persistence pays. I do my best to meet every metric without losing $$$. I've been working on gains for day 1 and 2 and then the rest of the week I would do minimal on pips and just meet metrics to pass


Persistence with the program is key and a must.


I definitely had some challenges with Silver II, but I just finished it. And I agree with many on this thread, Silver III looks to be much easier. Thanks for the comments. I enjoyed going through this.


Good job, PipPicker! Silver II was definitely the hardest one to get past for me, but Gold II took the longest. I had to learn to slow down and take only the highest probability trades in order to work my stats effectively. Before then I took just about anything that looked half way decent. Letting trades go that I would have otherwise taken in favor of higher probability trades is a skill in itself and one I'm still working hard to improve on.

Mr. Winders



just got to gold 1 very exited stil some ways to go butb we wil get there happy trading

Paul L

I finally made it to silver 3! yay!


Good Job!

Paul L

Yay, finally made it to silver 3! Wow that was hard.


Maintaining Average Win> Average Loss has been tough for me this module but hope to be to Gold I after this week.


Congrats chaffcombe17!! I am almost there


Working my way thru silver 2, Best thing about this step it forces you to trade in a way you don't usually trade. Worst thing about this step is it forces you to trade in a way you don't usually trade. You have to get out of your comfort zone and try something different.


Silver II has been the hardest for me. I love the getting in and out of the quick trades and placing many with low pip profit. The getting the 50 pips on 1 trade is the hardest for me.


I struggle with the longer trades.


Jared proact is a company that teaches the longer-term trade of WOS, Wide Open Spaces.
In this podcast, Scott is a little condescending but right on.

A longer-term trade is all about having the patience to wait for the setup, identifying your target so that you understand the risk vs the reward.

BTW you might check out Rex, a long term class on Monday evening, he is very good.


Thanks, Rookie I will check those out.