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Maintain Average Win > Average Loss

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Maintain Average Win > Average Loss

can some one helpe please with Maintain Average Win > Average Loss! what i have to do! thanks


Mon, 08/26/2019 - 7:33pm

that my last step to silver 3


This is measured in $ profit per trade, not pips. I don't remember what it is for Silver 3. For G1 it's 50, G2 it's 100, G3 it's 200.
Here's an example: suppose you have 10 trades, 7 winners and 3 losers. Add up the $ profit each of those 7 winners made, divide by 7.. that is your average win. Do the same for the 3 losers. That is the $ value of your average losing trade.

Hopefully, your average winner $ amount is great than your average loser (Ave Win > Ave Loss).

For G1, the AVERAGE amount of money I made per trade, for the last 50 winning trades, had to be more than the average amount of money I lost on my last 50 losing trades. Fortunately, the Statistics tab on the Apiary website does that calculation for me.

Hope this helps.


thanks francis!


Thanks for the tip. I've been wondering what's been holding me back. I have all done for Gold 1 except forums and maintaining the profit loss goal. It's difficult trading when on vacation where the internet is very slow to non existent.


An easy way around it is to take few tiny losses to decrease your avg loss.
but that's just to pass in beeline, nothing more :)


I was going to suggest what @She_Trades recommended. Take some small losses when needed to bring down your average loss to meet this requirement.



For number of winning trades vs. losing trades it is based on the last 20 trades. For AVERAGES, it is based on your last 20 wins vs last 20 losses based on close, date and time. Hope this helps!


thanks sonalshingi!



You will want to continue to pay close attention to this stat. You will face it in all of the gold as well. This is where your money management comes into play and cutting loses early and letting winners run. Keep up the good work and be patient and you will do fine. This helps put a carefulness into your trading that builds good judgment and management. Congrats on your accomplishments!



If you take a few small losses to bring down the average loss stat make sure your lot size is .01 or at least the size that you have been trading at. Otherwise things get complicated. I forgot to drop it back down after doing some .04 trading on a non-silver account and it messed up my numbers. I caught it early so it wasn't too horrible.


This seems to be a exercise in teaching us to cut losers short. Take a few small losses is the right course of action I just did that today and meet the requirement on Silver II. On Silver II its the last 10 wins to the last 10 losses.



you are right in part. Not only do you want to cut your losses short but you want to extend your winners. The focus on RRR (risk reward ratio) if you can maintain a solid 3-1 RRR then the losses, actually and as strange as it may sound, do not mean anything.


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Hi. Just crossed to Gold 2. Any tips? Thanks so much