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maintain number of winning trades losing trades silver 3

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maintain number of winning trades losing trades silver 3

How to achieve this goal?

I achieved already a few times but not going to gold.

Is it calculated on a certain time?

Trades 14 6 20
Profit* $100 $-1 $99
Pips 220.1 0.3 220.4
Average Position Size 0.05 lots
Average Trade Length 15h 16m
Average win* $7.21
Average loss* $-0.2
Expectancy* $4.99
Thu, 06/13/2019 - 12:22am

As i remeber there is a number of trades given,might be last 50 or hundred


Wow, those are great stats!

I think Silver III's Number of Trades requirement is the past 20 trades, which is what you are looking at. To double check, hover your mouse over the question mark in a circle that is in the next column over from the achievement on your beeline. It will then have a pop up saying how many trades you need.

If it is, in fact, the last 20 trades, then there are two other things that I can think of. First, and it sounds obvious, but have you made sure that you have the achievement for all of the other goals also? You have to maintain a few of the last ones, such as the "Maintain No Loss > 2%" and "Maintain Average Win > Average Loss", and it is possible to lose one of them while working on something else. Part of that is also that the various maintenance requirements can be for different trade amounts. For example, Average Win > Average Loss is for the past X wins and past X losses (I think 20 again), which may be more than 40 trades (and with those statistics, you might have to have over 50 trades to get 20 losses in)

The other problem could arise if those trades are in the wrong account. The Alveo system only tracks your highest level account, so if you are trying to pass Silver then make sure you have your Silver account selected in Alveo (it shows at the top of the window). Sometimes I find myself in the wrong account if I am trying a risky strategy in one of my older accounts so that I don't mess up my main account, but then I forget to change back.

I hope you make it to Gold soon!