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Major issues with Alveo update to version 1.4.23

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Major issues with Alveo update to version 1.4.23

When I went to log into Alveo tonight, it updated to 1.4.23 from whatever previous version of 1.4 that I had. Now my Alveo is useless. It lags on every click, freezes for up to a minute at a time, and crashes. I have tried everything and no improvements. Something needs fixed because there is no way I can trade like this.

Thu, 12/29/2016 - 10:19pm

I had problems before the update today , the highlighted price on the chart screen wasn't close to bid/ask quotes ...and the delay was common earlier today too ....


When I fired up Alveo this evening it said I was using an outdated version. OK, fine, so I go to download the "newer" version from the website. Except it's not newer. I am running 1.5.1 and the version on the website is 1.4.23. Seems a little screwy, but whatever. When I try to install, I get a message saying "you already have a later version installed". Which is correct since I was running 1.5.1.

As one of my software developer buddies used to say, "That's pretty custom".


Please something has to be done quickly. This new version is definitely a step back from 1.5.1 I had. It is slow, unresponsive and I really do not know why this was necessary.


I can think of one reason it was necessary. Aside from the painful lag (which I can wholeheartedly confirm), I woke up yesterday morning and Alveo 1.5.1. did not execute stop loss orders during the night when it was not running (or didn't correctly submit them to the LP). Two positions "stopped out" at the time I started Alveo in the morning. At 60+ pips and 80+ pips loss..... Very frustrating.


I see what you mean. It happened to me as well once or twice - luckely not so big losses! - but I do not think it is always the program but rather the LP's that are sometimes not responding or the downloading of prices that are slow. But overall I still thing 1.5.1 was better than this new version!


I had the same issue with the 1.5 version stopping working. Tried to update to the older 1.4 version but had to completely remove all Alveo programs and reinstall to get it to work.


I also had the same problem. Upgraded to alveo 1.5 and then got a notification that this version no longer supported. So had to remove it and reinstall a previous version


Woops I just submitted ticket for this, I had same problem after upgrading within 1.4 to 1.5 as everybody said, when I tried to log in this morning, it said 1.5 was unsupported, and yes I went to website to download latest, but latest there is 1.4. I am not a funded trader so I downloaded and installed Beta 1.5 to keep rolling through my demo "play" account, it seems to be working fine this morning. I'll wait for the bug fixes on non-Beta 1.5. I did notice some erratic behavior last night right before I logged out of non-beta 1.5, it was skipping big time, but the trade I was in was rockin' and rollin' (GBP/USD) very erratic in itself (not the software) with huge and fast upward and downward trends, maybe it was moving so fast my latency wasn't keeping up? (I am on 10/10 biz DSL running about 382ms latency. The latency is not an issue for me because I have everything set to auto-execute (sell stops, buy stops and take profits) and I just let the software do it's thing. Even though the software seemed skippy tracking the SMA, I was still pullin' a good haul on the winning T/P's (met my targets and they auto-closed). All in all I love this program and I do understand as with any software, there are "growing pains" your developers are doing a great job with this. Baby steps people, and patience! Thanks!


My 1.5 came up unsupported too so uninstalled it and loaded 1.4.23. I won't try updating tlll a later time though. I liked 1.5. Hopefully it will come back online soon and we can use it again. I'll just have to work with what I have for the time being.