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Make sure you are ready to close all!

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Make sure you are ready to close all!

I made this mistake today! So funny thing that I didn't know would happen! You should make sure that if you are closing out all, that you are absolutely sure that you want to before hitting the x to close out all. Here's what happened...... I was thinking about closing out all of my orders, but it wasn't confirmed, so I hit the x to close out everything and selected which orders to close out. Then, it confirmed that I SHOULDN'T close out my orders and let them run, so I closed out the box by clicking the x to bring down the drop down...... OOPS! closing that box out confirmed the close out of my trades. Well,.... less than an hour later, it went to where my TP points were. Lesson learned for sure...... Don't ever even click on the x unless it is confirmed.

At the least they closed out at negative 1 pip though. Hope this prevents at least one person from making the same mistake as I did!


Fri, 02/08/2019 - 11:35am

Thanks for the heads up!