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making changes to Stocastic indctr

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making changes to Stocastic indctr

I need to see the steps to changing the color for the signal line.

Note: I can change the following: Levels, D%, K%, width & digits because I can find them on the menu when I open the indicator window.

I have tried but I have not been able to find where the "signal line" information is located.

Can you give me a quick how to find the signal line update information?


Thank you in advance

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 6:37pm

When the window opens near the top there is a little arrow for a drop down menu. Click that arrow, now the line marked color is the signal line, width is at bottom.


Thanks for your attempt to help but I have tried every drop-down on the menu. The only color indicators that show up is "Levels" & Sto(14,3,3).

I can never get the drop down for "Signal" & that is my problem.

I could change it if only I could find it.

The top drop down is call: "Indicator Series" & it contains only the Sto(14,3,3) menu

The above problem is only on my LapTop running Windows 8.1 (64-bit).

I have resolved the issue on my DeskTop running Windows home premium-7 (64-bit)

I will have to get used to seeing the signal line when I'm using my Laptop as my Trading Platform (not a big problem).


click indicator list / click alphabetical(symbol to the left of search at top)/click series / on left you will see signal listed ,,,highlight signal and color option should be on right to change.


Hi Marion,

I am having the same problem except I see the "signal" but I cannot see the "levels". I click on the drop down arrow for levels but then I cannot see any values, just a dark area. I want to change the default lines from 30 & 70 to just 50 but no luck.


You cannot change the settings once the indicator is on your least I have not had any luck. But here's how to adjust the levels when you first insert it onto your chart.

Under "Levels", you will see "Value"s and "Collection". Click on Collection and change "70" to "50" and delete 30. That's all there is to it.



Thanks Martha! That did it. I had to delete the indicator and then re-insert it with the new level. Worked like a charm :)




Chuck B

Thanks also, Martha: NOW I know how to change the RSI "default" levels from 30 & 70 to 50 !!! :-)

- Chuck B


This helped me too. Thx Martha!