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Metatrader 4


Metatrader 4


Is there a possibility to use Metatrader 4 instead of Alveo? I think Alveo sucks. I see in some comments people seem to have Metatrader.



Sun, 06/16/2019 - 5:19am

Alveo has its peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. I will advise you to try and get used to it because it has more advantages and benefits than metatrader 4. You can perform your trade analysis on metatrader 4 and simply execute your trades on alveo.


Agree completely.....I always have my MT4 open together with my custom indicators....and open my trades on Alveo - but be careful...ALVEO must be open all the time for Stops to execute...(I got burnt badly once) I keep Alveo open on my Cloud 24x7.


britt.berglund, mt4 does not have the functionality that has been built into alveo, for the management of trading accounts.

apiary did start with mt4.


Yes, Burton is correct, Apiary use to use MT4 but the constant upgrades three off the Risk Protocols. Personally, I ony use Alveo for order entry and use Tradeview which is free charting software. Moreover what I lobe about Tradeview is the "pplay forward feature so you can see how posted trades play out.


Tradeview id = AGold54


allen, totally agree, the play forward feature is genius.

Nick Sammy

If I want to use my own money I'll use my MT4 account
If I want to use OPM I'll use Alveo

But, if I want to make money consistently I'll use my plan and follow my rules

Happy trading everyone


"If I want to use OPM I'll use Alveo" ...very nice nick. =) truth!


is there a way to write automation script in Alveo?


see some of the threads in "Software Developmnt"

Also How to Program in C++,


Thanks. I'm looking at MT4 and make trades in Alveo then.


Does MT4 have the option of Fibonacci as an indicator? I don't see it as an option in Alveo.


Its in the drawing tools


Yes Click on Insert and then Fibonacci Retracement in MT4. In Alveo it exists also in the Drawing tools as said above.