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Miscellaneous ramblings about Commodities vs Forex.

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Miscellaneous ramblings about Commodities vs Forex.

I am fairly new to forex trading. My only other experience with trading is I did some commodities trading in the 90's. 

I was living in rural Arizona at the time and there was no Internet access that was readily available, nor any reasonably priced computers with any performance. This was pre 486 processor days. Therefore my only option was to lease a satellite based "qoute station" that had a huge dish. It was worth it to see the neighbors expressions when I put that 3 ft wide dish on the roof! The qoutes were real time, less the exchange imposed delay. 

That was just for the qoutes. To place an order involved calling a broker and placing it over the phone. They would call me back several hours later and advise me of the fill price. It is just amazing to me that now we can place orders with a simple push of a button, basically real time.

I like the Forex markets for multiple reasons. 24 hour trading, the ability to hedge a trade by taking an opposing position, the ability to scale ones risk/reward by changing contract size. Those options were not available in commodities, at least not easily. I think the volitility was quite a bit smoother, the commodity markets seemed to trend alot and be very season sensitive. 

Just some ramblings, thats all. 


Sun, 10/21/2018 - 10:41pm