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monthly fee cover orange class only?

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monthly fee cover orange class only?


I just joined recently, still in 30 days trial.
i wonder
1. is that same within 30 days and after?
2. there are Green, Orange, Purple class on calendar. would the monthly $97 only cover orange stuff? coz i could not be able to access green or is live trader, purple is premium, they both cost money on top of monthly. am i correct?
3. $97 monthly fee only cover Beeline to Fund program steps, orange class and forums, is that correct statement?

thank you for any input.

Mon, 07/22/2019 - 9:24pm

Hello Candice,

I was called a few weeks ago whether I was interested in live trader or professional trader. It gives you access to more material, but will cost you close to $ 700 or $ 900. I decided to go for live trader to be able to faster improve my knowledge about trading systems, the use of indicators and trading classes. If you cannot afford the fee at the moment, there is also a lotof information on Youtube (forex). You can also check with your supervisor. Good luck!

The Dutch Surfer


Hi Candice
There is plenty of free stuff available,just tell me what you like to learn about .
there are 2 guys I can highly recommend
Chris Capre from
He covers EVERYTHING that is really important to know right from the start in his videos on you tube.

Then there is Galen Woods and his weekly newsletter.
Price action at its best and a lot ,lot more.If you dont find something to build a trading system with,you need to learn to read first ! : )
And the free content at proacttraders from Scott and Jerry I forgot to mention.


Hi Martin,
Nice information, it is always good to know more, thanks