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Motivation for silver 2 traders

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Motivation for silver 2 traders

Made it to silver 3 today.For silver 2 guys the achievements in silver 3 looks a lot easier than silver 2.
Go get it.
Good luck

Fri, 07/15/2016 - 12:25pm



I need the motivation. Each time I achieve a new level, I get greedy and make colossal errors in judgement, then i settle down and try and get the tasks done. I was feeling deflated yesterday. I am back to doing well in Silver II, but it was like i forgot everything I learned the first few days of Silver II. Glad to see Silver III may be easier.


It happens to most of us.Easy to get overconfident after 2 or 3 good trades.Just go back and re think what/why you did when it went well.Same with the loosers,
Good luck and FOCUS.


TraderDave, Don't be to hard on yourself, there were plenty of times I wondered if it can be done, it was pretty discouraging. I'd do a chain of trades that went perfect only to give it all back and then some. There were times I though what I needed was a reverse mirror system, I could trade on paper and the reverse system would do the exact opposite and be trading real money...that would have made me rich....But, over the course of time and experience and maybe trial and error of testing different systems things seemed to click.

One thing that helped me was to go back into Alveo and review the trades I made in "plottrades" (menu: Insert-Script-Plottrades).

If you are getting discouraged take a break then come back and review your trades, and if it doesn't click on where you went wrong take another break and at some point the solution will come.



traderdave, don't worry about struggling in silver 2....I had a hard time passing that level as well, I quit trading for 2 weeks, because I felt lost. I almost quit the whole thing altogether at that point.

Once you get past Silver 2 the only things you will really have to worry about is having a positive expectancy (ie be in profit for your account), have more wins than losses (Silver 3 last 25 trades, Gold 1 last 50 trades and Gold 2 last 100 trades) and to have your avg winners be larger than your avg losers.

Good luck!


traderdave - I had an awful time with Silver II. It was very de-motivating, but it was good in the end. My ego needed some serious deflating, I think!

It's a very challenging level. I will echo what many who have persevered before me have said - it is probably the most difficult of all the bee-line levels. It's no wonder the Silver 2 study material is all about trading psychology.

What worked for me in the end: not allowing my defeatist thinking to influence my trading behavior. So, when I had a bad streak, and my thinking was telling me that I suck, and that I should just give up, I re-directed that energy to think of ways how to push on and to keep going until my goals were met. Of course, I didn't figure this out until about two thirds of the way through Silver 2. I had to be humbled pretty severely first. It was a true test for me.

I realized that as important as strategy is, my attitude is infinitely more important. My psyche was so affected during Silver 2, that I came to a point where I had to decide how badly I wanted this. I see that cpek, above, had a similar experience. When I decided that I do want this more than anything right now, and that I am no less deserving than anyone else to be successful at this, that change in thinking just somehow opened up my mind. I don't know how to explain it: it was like I gave myself permission to go after it, which then opened up my creativity. I was then able to look at the tasks more as challenges rather than walls. It became a completely different approach - one based on determination - which then helped me to refuse to end with a negative day.

And that ** attitude change ** helped me get through Silver III. That level is not as restrictive as Silver 2, so you have more room to move and breathe. That doesn't mean that I didn't have some wild swings during Silver 3. I had some heavy negative streaks too during Silver 3, but applying the lessons I learned from Silver 2, I allowed myself to pause, calm down and re-group, then wait for the next opportunities to get back in rather than give up. Closed all of my days positive, and recovered my account back to just shy of where it was prior to Silver 2.

Take a break if you need it. It couldn't hurt. But I suspect that if my experience is anything like other people's experience at this level, then yours might be too, and you may end up asking yourself some tough questions and making some choices. Take heart in knowing that it's not only you - but also know that is entirely all about you. In other words, you're not the only one who struggled with this level, but your struggles - just like everyone else's - have a lot to do with your attitudes and beliefs.

All the best!


Thank you for the kind words. I do use the plot trades to see what the trades were doing earlier in the day. the funny thing is in most case, my thought process was correct on the direction I think the trade is going, but my entry was terrible, or I hang on when the trade goes flat and the direction is not there yet. I get stopped out of the trade, only to see it go exactly where I thought it would go, but I chose the wrong entry time for it. A lot of the time, I trade just to be trading, which makes me see patterns that are not there. When I go back and plot the trades and shift the time time frames, I see that I put on a trade without good reason. It all stems from wanting to see my equity curve move up or I'm trying to make up for failed trades. When I just focus on the right setups and be patient on the entry, I at the very least will have a small loss and very likely have a positive trade.

Schranz Trading

I am so happy to start trading this week on silver level. I want to change my trading style a little so I want use scale out technics like two targets but how can I do this in alveo? I did no found any ways to open one order with SL12 and TP1 12 pips and TP2 24 Pips.

Is the only way in alveo to open two trades with same stop loss and different targets?

Regards Christian


Christian, unfortunately the only current way to do what you want is to open 2 trades.


I am so excited to have made it to Silver II today but reading this thread I am getting nervous.


Still trying to get thru Silver ll it is a very difficult level that I will eventually pass.


Thanks everyone for the encouragement....I am almost through silver II. I almost quit also...but then something kicked in and I was able to complete 4 assignments in one day. Never Give Up!!