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Move from the silver one to silver two

I finally completed the task of five profitable day with at list five trade per day. It took me a while but did it and now I’m more confident on what to do to be more profitable and be successful. 

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 9:05pm


I'm very irritated with this task. It seems that the point that is checked was 1 hour prior to the 00:00 in Alveo. So I was down a bit and about 45 minutes prior to 00:00 I'm back up and profitable on the 5th day. I go check and I'm reset back to the beginning. Grrrr... So frustrating. I wish I knew what time they actually check for profitability.


they swipe the accounts at 7 pm CST daily.


Thanks for that tip Rookie. I'll be sure to pay attention to that time daily.