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Moving Average and bollinger bands. Where to find them in Alveo

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Moving Average and bollinger bands. Where to find them in Alveo

I just finished watching the video about bollinger bands but it doesn't explain where the tool option is in Alveo. I checked under the indicators drop menu and don't see them. I tried finding a help topic explaining it and found referrences to HMA SMA EMA etc which leads me to ask the question are all indicators with the last letters MA Moving Average indicators? And if so what is the difference between them all? If anyone can please tell me where to find the moving average and bollinger band indicators I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you =)

Mon, 07/22/2019 - 12:13am

I believe it is called 'Bands' in Alveo not Bollinger bands.


Confirmed: It is BANDS in Alveo. Just beware the Std Deviations are always whole numbers. It will NOT take fractions, like 1.5 or 1.618 etc.


At the upper right of the Alveo platform, left click the CHECK icon, then select bands for bollinger bands, SMA for simple moving average, EMA for exponential, HMA for hull moving average. Yes indicators with last letters MA stands for Moving Average. Hope it helps