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Moving Average and RSI

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Moving Average and RSI

Please Help In course 5 on Moving Average and the RSI where are they getting the sum of candle closes of 53. I don't understand can anyone help me to understand please I hope this is not too dumb to ask Thank you

Sat, 06/08/2019 - 10:42am
Paul L

not too dumb, I'm kinda lost too. I'm going to need to do the videos again. After I put up 3 EMA's, 1 RSI, and 1 MACD I'm quite confused. 3 red lines on chart need to have color changed so I know what's what and I can't seem to get them to change.

I need this program to work for me asap.


Have you tried the advanced setting yet on the ema. the advanced setting has color.


Hello Dennis,

If you are referring to the chart on Page 8 of the Course 5 document Moving Average and RSI ( ), then I may be able to help.

The first problem is that the chart actually contains an error. The first solid candle (above the first 3) should be a blue (or down) candle, not a green candle. Changing that may make it easier for you to understand, and so I have outlined it in the attached image with a thick blue outline. I say it's wrong because the only way for the next candle (the big green candle above 7) to be shaped like that if the first filled candle is green would be for there to be a large gap Open, which is less likely than the document creator just using the wrong candle color.

I have attached an annotated version of the chart which hopefully will help clarify.
If you are willing to believe me that the first filled green candle should be blue, then it makes much more sense.
I have added lines for approximately where each close level would be, and although they aren't perfect, they do work and match the bottom close numbers if you apply a little rounding.

You may already know this, but candlesticks show the Open, High, Low, and Close prices for each candle. If the Close is higher than the Open, then it is an up candle and is usually drawn as a green filled candle in Alveo (and on this chart). If the Close is lower than the Open, then it is a down candle and is usually drawn as a blue candle.
I have marked the Close price of each candle with a small red line to help you follow the Closes, and with the exception of that first problematic candle, the higher wide part of each green candle lines up fairly close to the horizontal price levels that I drew as well. So does the lower wide part of each blue candle, which helps add a little validity to my drawn lines.

You can then see that each Close price red line corresponds to the number at the bottom of the chart. Then those Close numbers are added together in order to reach the "53" sum. Finally, the sum of Closes (53) is divided by the number of candles in your average (10) to reach the average value (5.3).

Please let me know if you would like more clarification.


To change the ema colors and most indicator colors in Alveo, open up the indicator edit window and under the advanced settings click the down arrow to the right of "Series" settings. Another edit box opens where you can change the colors.


Thanks; I needed that too.


Yes welcome. Hope to see you Gold III soon! Guess I'm putting on a pot of coffee and staying up for the London session. I got a funding increase already !!!