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Moving through beeline

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Moving through beeline

Struggled through Silver I trying to get the longer term trades.  Mostly doing short term and scalping, but patiently working on longer daily trades.  Learning alot about myself when it comes to patience and persistence.  Several times making trades in the right direction, but not giving the market enough room to move and getting stopped out just before the good move goes in my direction.  Currently working full time and trading part time and feel like the longer term trades should work better for me with time I have to trade, but trying to allow myself to trust my analysis and give the market ample roon to move.   Excited about what the future can bring with trading the Apiary way.  Great program and people.  Final steps to Silver I should be completed today and moving to Silver II tomorrow.  Wahoo!

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 12:35am

Hope you made it to Silver II. I just made Silver III last night. I have been using 1-hour charts throughout Silver as it seems to give me the trades I need for each task.
Go for the biggest item first as it may well check off other items at the same time. One that I did ended up checking off 4 items on a single trade.
Good luck and stay patient.


Just made Gold I last night only trading in the evenings east coast time. Definitely look into the Whipsaw trade strategy for some decent overnight pips. It help be get the average win/loss stuff in line and the bigger pip trades.


Toombs, good on you! Congrats